Friday, February 25, 2005

What was that song?

Have you ever seen an ad and wanted to find out what song they had playing? Usually these ads are forgettable except for the music featured. Well, I realized that I've never mentioned my source for finding out this info.

Now, the homie Anish seems to know a hell of a lot of songs, especially hip hop, but most of these ads have songs pulled outta nowhere and its tough to know the song just off of memory. So what's the source?

It's a website called AdTunes. The people who run the site put pretty full descriptions and information a few times a month, but they've also a very active forum where you can simply ask others about the song or search through previous posts. If you know the brand being advertised and what was featured in the ad, you can usually find an answer in a few minutes. Most people also provide links into the iTunes sample of the song so it's easy to double-check. In fact, you can find info about songs featured in ads, tv shows, movies, the whole nine yards. Pretty cool.

Oh, and since I know you're wondering: That iTunes Shuffle song? It's by The Caesars and it's called "Jerk It Out". And those Vonage commercials with the silly song (which, by the way was also featured on Chevy Cobalt ads for a minute)? It's by the 5,6,7,8's and it's called "Woo Hoo"

No go watch some more TV and (il)legally download the songs from all the ads you love.

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