Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Devolution of the Indian Man

Just to beat this topic to death...

Here's a piece from Nirali Magazine on The Devolution of the Indian Man.

I discovered the magazine via Sepia Mutiny (like a lot of things desi). It's an online magazine aimed at Desi Women, so give it a read. I haven't read too much, but my visual background thinks I really like the design & layout. My writer background thinks the writing is pretty decent and definitely much better than that chick with the blog.


Anonymous said...

Yes, much better writing than Ms. Guide to Dating an Indian Man. I'd like to comment on one quote in the piece-

"The sense of responsibility [in our generation's South Asian American men] is gone. Our fathers were more responsible when it came to family, children, even time management. Now, you see 30-year-old guys at clubs drinking, no responsibilities. It scares women. Are these people going to be able to raise kids with you?"

First of all, 30-year-old men of all ethinic groups are found at clubs drinking. Second, is she saying that if a man hasn't settled down by 30, that makes him irresponsible? Isn't that the sort of old-fashioned thinking that these women are complaining that Indian men have not broken out of?


Jigar said...

Great point about old-fashioned thinking on irresponsible 30 year-olds clubbing. Not only is that old fashioned, but it's generalizing. Just how many 30 year-old single desi men are out there preying on desi women? How many of these are "ABCD"s? Like Anish said, I'm sure every ethnic groups have about the same percentages and the percentage is probably pretty small.

Plus, I'm sure the story from these women would be different if it was a 30 year-old desi woman. The story would then be about a woman holding her own and not breaking down and following the old-fashioned path.

In any case, at least Nirali Mag has made an effort to gather varying opinions.

Anonymous said...

Ya, the piece is put together well and these are various opinions that desi women have. And to your point about if it were 30-year-old women drinking at clubs, don't most women love Sex and the City?