Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Since so many of my readers (count 'em, 6!) watch Bollywood films, I thought this would be a good site to have at hand after watching a Bollywood film and thinking "Damn, wasn't that a Hollywood movie like 3 years ago??"

Well, now you can look it up or submit your own:
Bollycat.com (via Apul at Sepia Mutiny)

If you just want to jump into the list of plagarized movies, use this link: View All Victims

On another note, I must say they've done a good job at the layout on this site. Good graphics and incorporation of different navigational elements in angled layouts. (Have I told you I'm a geek, yet?)

UPDATE: This site seems to be really popular and is not always available. If you can't get to it, don't blame me!


Anonymous said...

the account has been suspended. very desi

Jigar said...

Haha...I guess these guys got too popular for their own good? Damn..it's mostly just text, no video clips or anything. Yup, seems very desi to me.