Saturday, February 19, 2005

If you can't beat 'em, intimidate 'em

Political games are nothing new so I'm not trying to imply that we're now seeing something never seen on the face of this earth...

But c'mon, is there any way to see this except as an attempt to intimidate critics of Bush Admin and GOP policies.

LA Times article: Opponents of 'Clear Skies' Bill Examined

What really gets me about these types of actions is the utter lack of honesty in the debate. Whether it's Clear Skies, Iraq, and whatever, it seems like any legit criticism is first subject to beat down, investigation, and intimidation. If you don't agree, you damn well better be ready to have your entire life investigated because you obviously must have done something horrible in your past to ever believe in something different from the Admin or GOP. Once the beat down is accomplished, there's no reason to have a debate since the critics are either in jail, have been falsely accused of treason, or some other nonsense. The critics are forced to defend their character rather than allowed to state legitimate concerns or opposing viewpoints.

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