Thursday, February 24, 2005

Blogosphere or Blingosphere?

It's the same thing Nucka!

While this comparison of rappers and bloggers has a lot of jest in it, it's pretty interesting how there are similarities in this. Have a read: Rappers and Bloggers: Separated at birth!

You gotta admit, the desire for someone to become a rapper is very similar to the desire for someone to become a blogger. You want to be heard! You want to tell your story! And you don't want The Man telling you what should be heard and what isn't important. It's important if you think it's important. And you can tell people what's important with a Mic or a keyboard.

Anyways, Josh Levin's piece is certainly tongue-in-cheek, but think about it. Maybe you have more in common with Jay-Z than you thought ;)

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