Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Aishwarya in America

Man, wouldn't you know it...I wrote this long-ass piece about Aishwarya's recent appearance on Letterman, included some insights in Dave, his comedy, and all.....and I lost the post!

So anyways, here's the net-net:

1) Much better than the 60 Minutes interview
2) Still an annoying laugh
3) Aish didn't seem to get much of Dave's comic schtick, but still presented herself pretty well and as less of a flirty, coy star.
4) She should have gone on Leno to keep the self promotion simple and straight forward.

Here's a blow-by-blow account: Anna John's Diary

And since I'm sure you're tired of reading about her and listening to her laugh, you can just stare at her: Aishwarya Rai Forever


CoffeeFreak said...

Interesting perspective. As we've talked about, I thought the 60 minutes interview was much better... definitely more content and substance. I don't know if she was just nervous or uninterested, but she seemed incapable of answering any of Dave's questions with anything other than "Yes", "No", or some coy comment accompanied by batting her eyes and giggling.
What disappointed me was that she didn't seem that interested in making a good first impression on the US audience, most of whom (the non desi ones) either don't know who she is or don't care. She acted like a diva, which is out of place when it's not yet justified.
Plus, the movie clip was atrocious ("Americans are imperialists!")

Anonymous said...

I think we need to keep in the mind that she's more the Indian Angelina Jolie than the Indian Meryl Streep. I know we all want her to represent better, but how many beauty pageant winners turned actresses are really impressive in interviews or talk show appearances?