Thursday, February 24, 2005

More Aishwarya in America

The viral emails didn't go around about this appearance...prolly because it was on TV too early for most of us. Besides, I prefer to watch the informercial better known as The Today Show. But CBS is pimpin Ms. Rai to the fullest. (Or would Aishwarya's agent be the pimp and CBS the john? Where's Snoop Dogg when you need him? Wish I had a sidekick to ask him...)

In any case...since I know you all want to follow the annoying laugh wherever it goes...

The Early Show's Harry Smith interviews Aishwarya Rai. (via DesiBlog)

At this point, I think it's time I start asking non-desis if they've even heard of Aishwarya. Honestly, I think only Indians care that she's on TV. There may be some media types that are tracking her, but the average movie-goer? Doubt it.

But you know what the ultimate coup would be? If Aishwarya's agent got her a spot at the Oscars to present some award. People may not pay much attention to Letterman, Nightline, or The Early Show...but the Oscars? That's straight P-I-M-P!

I'll report back soon about my findings about the non-desi awareness of our favorite star.

So I asked two female colleagues about Ash. All I mentioned was that there is this Indian film star who's in a Hollywood film and they knew who I was talking about! They didn't know her name, but one knew that she had won some pageant (she thought it was Miss Universe, not Miss World) and had seen an ad for Bride and Prejudice and would like see the movie because "It looks like a cute movie. A chick flick". The other had seen her on 60 Minutes and watched the whole interview; she also knew about the movie but didn't plan to watch it.

So whaddya know? I guess some non-desis actually know about her. Not that they care, but they know. That's half the battle for Aishwarya's pimps, ain't it?

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