Monday, January 03, 2005


Following up on my review of 2004, it's now time to talk about New Year's resolutions. I've never been huge on resolutions, but I usually try to look back on the past year and see what I could change, based on the biggest things which happened in my life.

For example, in 2003, my wife would always joke with me about the amount of coffee I drink (1 or 2 cups a day). So she dared me to go without coffee. So I agreed that I would skip the coffee for a month. Yes, I know, it's a pretty silly resolution, but I've realized that resolutions are best when realistic and time constrained. Moreover, resolutions will likely not work if the aim is to change a fundamental habit. It's gotta be something you would do at any time of the year and something which you can do happily.

So what do I aim to do in the coming year? Take at least 100 photographs a month.

Huh? Ya, that's right, I want to take more photos. How did I come to this decision? Well, 2004 had so much going on in our lives, that I just wanted to document it all for posterity. Additionally, my father-in-law found a cache of old photographs from when my wife was young. The photographs weren't just from special events, they documented the little things in life. Like my wife playing with her younger brother when he was still in diapers. Just another reason for me to take more photographs.

And finally, I always tell myself that I need to get out more, have my camera with me, and take a few shots that I can be proud of. Whether those shots include family and friends or whether they're landscape shots, they will be valuable to us later in life.

So there it is. I aim to take at least 100 photographs a month. They won't be pictures of my big toe. They'll be photos which my family and friends can look back on and smile.

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Henry said...

We can remember your big toe fondly can't we?