Thursday, January 27, 2005

One month on

Hard to believe it's only been a month since the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Based on media coverage and the general "feel" of things, it may as well have happened a year or two ago. The total death toll now stands at 280,000.

BBC News has some good in-depth Tsunami coverage.

The biggest thing that has recently occured relative to the Tsunami is Hot97's outrageous and unacceptable bit making fun of the Tsunami and survivors. Rather than go into all the details, here's a link to Sepia Mutiny which has been following this well. There have been suspensions of the radio hosts involved in putting the bit together. They're also donating a week's worth of pay to relief efforts. But just the thought of these fools getting to keep their jobs after this shit...ugh. Plus, as usual with corporations and bigwigs, the apologies offered are half-assed and don't even come close to being adequate.

Anyways, take a moment and recall what you were thinking this time last month.

It's the same thing people in affected areas are still dealing with.


Anonymous said...

The fact that anyone could make fun of the worst disaster we've seen, with a death total of more than a quarter million people and still rising, is beyond comprehension. No to mention in such mean-spirited and racist fashion. If they did this to draw attention to their show and themselves, then they shouldn't benefit from it. They should be out of a career.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how different the reaction would have been if the majority of victims were African and the radio hosts were not black. I'm sure Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be all over them in a millisecond, and there would be much more coverage of the incident. Alas, Black-on-Asian racism doesn't concern most people.