Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bloggity Blog Blog Blogging

Or maybe it's called meta blogging. It's when you blog about other blogs. Which I don't usually do. Anyways, I just came across this blog, which is apparently written by GM's Vice Chairman Bob Lutz.

Interesting that the blog doesn't seem like marketing speak and seems pretty honest. That's actually the sign of a good salesman. Most salesman are greasy, but the really good ones buck the trend and make you like them and make you nod at what they're saying.

For the most part, that's pretty hard to do when it comes to GM products, but in any case, Bob Lutz's blog is good example of corporate blogging at its best.

Here's a specific example of what really surprises me. Lutz actually replies to comments left on there with a clearly pro-GM message, but acknowledging faults. Keep in mind, of course, that GM tends to do this every few years. They say "Hey look, we're making great cars much better than the crap we used to put out before". Remember back to the late 80s when they tried to come back against Japanese car makers? Remember when the Saturn line first came out (which is mainly known for its simple sales strategy, not for its quality cars)? Remember when they tried to revive the Oldsmobile line (which has since been discontinued)? At the time, GM said they were finally coming back, but now they say that all those cars were crap and they're much better now. It wouldn't surprise me if 10 years from now, they rip on their current lineup of Cadillacs which get great press right now, but may be seen in a different light in 2015.

But anyways, kinda cool to see what seems to be a pretty straight up corporate blog.

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