Monday, January 10, 2005

The Real Tragedy

I recently found out that we get the Discovery Times channel. It's a great channel which has some really pertinent documentaries about current issues. So last night I saw this very powerful and touching show on the Tsunami. The hour focused on various people trying to find their loved ones or helping others find their loved ones. Every time I saw the faces of those searching for their family and friends I honestly felt chills and I couldn't help but find my eyes watering.

While this documentary was very poignant, I kept thinking about one thing. All of these people are white foreigners. No doubt the people being filmed were going through horrible times, but what they're dealing with is essentially temporary. They were either tourists or sent in to help nationals from other countries. Once they had learned the whereabouts of their loved ones, they could go back home to their families and livelihoods. The people who are really suffering are the ones from the region. The ones who have lost not only their family and friends, but also their livelihoods and everything else in their lives. They are the ones who have no where to go and must find ways of moving on with life.

While this documentary was done very well, it didn't get to the real story. It barely touched upon the real tragedy. I hope to see such well-crafted and poignant work done which gives us a glimpse into how natives of the affected are putting their lives back together.

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