Wednesday, January 05, 2005

More socio-policital developments

While my heart sinks every time I read about the latest news from the tsunami affect areas there are certain things which make me nod my head in approval. The latest is that Germany is pledging some $674 million in long-term aid while Australia will provide $765 million in loans and grants. As the world has begun to realize the enormity of devastation in the area, it's heartening to see that nations around the world are finding ways to help. What's more important than money however is the logistical support that is being provided. The American military is playing a central role in that. As far what I wrote about India in my last post, it's still true, but when looking at the bigger picture, it's clear that international ties in every direction will become stronger. And more than India playing a key role in the region, I think it's key that nations from all over recognize that there is indeed a world community at the ready to help when needed.

The only unfortunate part about this is that such international relationship building occured only after such tragedy. But as I'm sure everyone has experienced, it's during the worst times when you realize what true friends and neighbors are. Let's hope that ten years from now, what we remember about this tragedy is that it brought nations together politically and brought people together across every divide. And hopefully, these ties that bind remain well after the images have disappeared from our TV screens.

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