Monday, January 24, 2005

Cafe Arv

A friend in Sydney has started a blog (conveniently linked on the right side for reference later). He's got his blog to load up his personal pictures from his travel portfolio. Man, what a traveller he is! I wish I could go to even half the places he's been.

Speaking of which, that's one thing we Americans seem to miss out on: Vacations. We are trying to take time off every year to have fun in a new locale, but it always seems like we're pushing it off for another time. Why is that? I don't think we're so obsessed with work that we can't leave it. Most of our friends seem to have the time-off available, but not all of us take it. Maybe we're just conditioned to maintain the status quo: Work, Home, Weekend, and maybe a long weekend here and there.

Meanwhile, Europeans, Australians, even Indians(!) seem to take lots of time off to enjoy the world. For Indians, that might just mean going to a nearby Hill Station or to a "Pilgramage" site. Europeans & Australians seem to take lots of time off in Southeast Asia as well as different parts of Europe.

Americans? Well, we sometimes take road trips; and granted, America is such a big country that there's tons to see domestically. But even these domestic trips seem few and far between.

Part of the problem is, of course, the amount og time-off we get. Americans tend to get two weeks off a year. Europeans? Six weeks isn't out of the norm. Australians? Not sure, but it's definitely a lot more than Americans get. I'm sure that the smaller amount of time-off we get results in higher productivity and is part of the reason America has such high growth rates, etc. So maybe this isn't really a problem in the bigger scheme of things.

All I know is that I want to take as much time as Arvind gets :)

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