Monday, January 05, 2004

Back in the Saddle

So I was expecting to post blogs like a madman once I got back, but I've found that blogging has taken a backseat to getting the rest of my life back in order. Not surprisingly, things like sleep, paying bills, and New Year's wishes have taken a higher priority.

In any case, hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I had hoped to have a log of all of my antics in Europe already posted here, but alas, it'll take some time to put it up. I'll try to put up the choice moments over the next few days.

One comment before I move on...French people don't wish anyone a Joyeaux Noel (Merry Christmas) for some reason. They're remarkably un-merry. Considering that every small town in France seems to have street lights and xmas fairs, the people don't really wish you a Merry Christmas or anything. The most you get is Joyeaux Fetes (Happy Holidays) on signs, but nobody wishes anyone else, which seems about right since it's more generic and less religious. In high school French class, however, I was lead to believe that the French are all about Christmas with extra traditions, festivities, etc. Whatever the case may be, I found the Britsh to be much more openly friendly and the Swiss to be quite helpful when asking for directions. The French...well, there were a few times where we received the cold shoulder even though we attempted to speak in French.

Then of course, there's the elderly French ladies. I opened the door for a grandma type and I received the nicest "C'est Tres Gentile" I had ever heard. I guess she's holding out while the rest of the French scowl in the cold. Here's to old French ladies and their niceties! :)

I'll leave you with those tidbits for now. I'm working on a photo album so I'll get that posted online soon and leave the URL here. As for a minute-by-minute account of our European Vacation? Don't's coming, albeit in very condense format. Happy New Year!

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