Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Vous pouvez me trouver dans le club

Hello from Paris!

I've been way to lazy to enter an internet cafe since we left the Bay Area so here I am in Paris on a rainy afternoon taking a break from all the walking. By the way...the title translates to "You can find me in the Club"

Being the extra witty fellow I am I was going to post from London with the title "You can find me in the Pub". You now know why I'm not a comedian or a speech writer.

Paris is not too much different from last time except for the cost. With the dollar very weak against the Euro and general inflation, I'm now paying over $5 for a crepe when it used to be $2.50! And London? Forget about London if you're on a budget. It's a very cool city and I really enjoyed it, but I was running to the ATM every chance I got.

To this point, London has been the better of the two cities. The people are much nicer, the weather was better and the Guinness was as expected. Bath was a great time too, but not long enough. We only got one night there since we had trouble with our car rental and we didn't get onto the road until about 12:30. We did however get to stop by Windsor Castle and Stonehenge.

As for Paris...well it's Paris. It's a beautiful city and quite romantic. This is the third time I've been here, so we've been trying to find new things to do and see. Buddhe Bar is nice and could certainly do well in the Bay Area. Of course, paying $15 for a mojito won't work in the Bay Area, but if you do it just right, we can charge $10 ;)

Since I'm in Paris, I won't stay in this cyber cafe too long...time to do more French things. Like eat crepes, drink cocktails with funny straws, and translate rap songs into French. Ahh Paris!

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