Monday, December 01, 2003

Mile High and Light Headed

Happy Thanksgiving folks. Yes, a bit late (as usual for me), but nevertheless, hope you all were able to spend time with family and friends.

We got back from a weekend trip in Denver to visit some family. Neither of us had been there so it was definitely an interesting trip. Among other things, we had Thanksgiving dinner at the house of a dysfunctional family (not my family, but friends of the family we stayed with), we did a bit of snowboarding in rather icey conditions, and we drank a lot of water.

As usual, let me bore you with details...without being too specific...I don't want to get tagged for talking about people that may know me :)

Dinner was actually quite fun. Two children with A.D.D., a very friendly rottweiler, a grandpa who races cars and lives in a double-wide, and a generally dis-combobulated aunt. Now if that doesn't make for a barrel of fun, I don't know what would. Thank God we're not related to them! In all seriousness though, I'm not too familiar with the goings-on in "American" familes. Since we grew up in an Indian household, we never really celebrated Thanksgiving. While I've had thanksgiving dinner at friends' houses before and even made the dinner with roommates, I've never had a formal t-giving dinner. The familial interactions were definitely jacked up in this case, but it was an interesting day nonetheless.

Snowboarding was rather disappointing. I was looking forward to some great snow since it had just stormed in Denver the weekend before. I figured it would be great to get in some smooth runs and teach my wife on soft powder. Unfortunately, most of the snow had hardened and some was really too icey. While I got in some decent boarding, I was slipping and skidding way too much to have fun. And my wife? Let's just say that hard snow is a really pain in the ass. Literally. Luckily, she still had fun and we'll be heading to Tahoe soon enough to try and get some powder.

On the climate front, let me tell you, Denver is really a mile high. It's really dry air. It's really thin air. I couldn't get enough water all weekend. I always felt a little sleepy and lightheaded (well, that could have been the drinking too). I was happy to come back to sea level and a little humidity in the bay area.

Oh, and visiting the family? Well, it's always fun to spend time with these folk. Since they recently moved to Denver it was nice to see their new home and their new life away from SoCal.

Overall, a good time was had by all. Now...onto the planning the rest of the holidays.

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