Friday, December 12, 2003

Tha O f'ing C

That's "The O.C." for all of you who didn't get it. No I'm not talking about the TV show (although it seems to be on everyone's mind nowadays)

I'm working from Irvine today since we dropped by SoCal for the weekend. Lemme tell you, the ability to work from so many different offices is great! For those that don't know, Irvine is one of the larger cities in Orange County. And for those that don't know, it borders the rich cities in O.C. like Newport, Laguna, etc.

Every time I work outta here, my friend and I can't stop counting the number of kick-ass cars we find on the roads. There are so many that we lose count just over lunch. It's not just lowly 3 series Bimmers and C-class Benzes. Anything less than a S500 and you're slumming. Seriously, it's common to see S600's, SL600's, CL600's and in every color of the rainbow. The real hard job here is keeping up with all the extra these people have on their cars...AMG, Brabus...damn I don't even know most of the other stuff.

This is just an extension of the LA car culture that many people may already know about. When driving down the 5 freeway, once you get to about Burbank you start noticing the difference from NorCal. You may not see as many nice cars as in Irvine, Newport, etc, but so many of the cars you see are kept in great condition. Nice sparkling wheels, lowered suspension, etc, etc. In NorCal you don't normally see this stuff except on the little pocket rockets that people race on weekends. In SoCal, everyone and their grannie has after-market wheels. That's one nice thing about not living in SoCal any more...I can be lazy about upkeep on my car and not be embarrassed. But once I'm down in SoCal, I start to notice the peeling paint on my hood, the scratches all over, etc, etc.

I'll definitely write more about the SoCal/NorCal differences soon. I rant much less about it now since I've been living in the Bay Area for almost 4 years now, but I'm still an Angeleno at heart and it just takes a few days back in SoCal to get my juices flowing. The Laker game on tonight will only help get my riled up. Watch out!

As a side note, we're heading off to Europe next Tuesday so I'll likely not be posting too often. Being the nerd that I am, I'm taking my laptop just so I can download pics off my digicam, but I doubt I'll be going online too much. I'll try to keep track of anything interesting that happens to us along the way.

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