Wednesday, January 14, 2004

BBC Asian Network

So after returning to the States, I've been listening to the BBC Asian Network just about every day. A friend had recommended it to me and I'm glad he mentioned it. The Asian Network isn't just a portal of Indian related news, it's the BBC's radio channel for anything and everything Asian (Indians to the rest of us). I've been listening to Adil Ray mostly.

What I still can't get over is the accent. I'm used to desis with a certain accent (either American or Indian) and British Asians sound like every other Brit out there. What throws me for a loop through is when they bust out some desi slang. In any case, Adil Ray has an enjoyable show. It's a mix of bhangra, hip-hop, and Asian culture along with lots of humor. Above, what interests me most is getting a feel for young Asian viewpoints in the UK. I feel like I know what many of the American Desi and the Indian Desi POV's are, but I've only got assumptions about the British Asian POV. These radio programs have definitely helped get a deeper insight into the young British Asian.

The Asian Network has a lot of radio programs available for listening, both live and archived. In general, the Beeb has a tremendous amount of programming available with a few mouse clicks. So if you're looking for interesting radio programming, go to the BBC Radio Website to see what they've got running.

This post, will, of course, lead me into some words about England and our time there. As I've promised, I'm trying to keep things short(er) so I'll leave those musings for a another post.

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