Wednesday, January 07, 2004

I'm Feeling Lucky

Have you ever clicked the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button on Google? You get some interesting results for your search. Sometimes I feel like a lot of the people who end up on my blog are clicking that. The hit tracker I've got at the bottom of the page not only counts how many people visit the site, it also tracks where they've come from. So I can tell if someone came from my friend's blog or if they came from Google or Yahoo or whatever. If they come from a seach engine, the URL will usually tell what the person searched for. So since I'm such a geek, I look at all this stuff on the hit tracker website constantly and it's worth a few laughs and a few shrugs. I get a lot of "Narrator" or "What is a Narrator?" searches from Germany and France for some reason - they should use the Google glossary or Others, however, are more interesting...

  • "Donations Mandy Moore helps with or is involved with" - This makes me wonder about Google since I mentioned Mandy Moore's name only once many weeks ago and it had nothing to do with her charity work. Whatever else the case may be, tick one hit for The Narrator! :)

  • "cure remix Pictures of you HP commercial" - Besides the generic "narrator" searches, this is the most common search. I think I end up fourth or fifth on the results. Not bad!

  • "desi party studio 54 nyc" - Again, this makes me wonder about Google. I think I mention "Desi" a few times, but nothing about Studio 54. Hmm...maybe Google knows I walked by Studio 54 on New Year's night at like 3am in a daze while trying to stay up for our flight back to SFO?

  • "lyrics to lebron nike ad" - Google, google, google...are you really IPOing? Maybe I should wager against Google and spread the word about these crap search results. I don't think I've even mentioned Lebron and Nike...or have I? Again, Google may know more about me than I do.

  • "majic Johnson hiv" - This is how the person spelled Magic's name. Since I've written about Magic and AIDS, I'll let this one go. But I can't let the searcher off scot free. The person used ATT's website to search for this. Who the hell uses ATT to search?

I won't bore you with more searches. This is the culled list from just the past week. If you want more, holla.

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