Monday, January 19, 2004

Groovin at Work

So in looking for inspiration at work, I've been trying to find just the right music to get me grooving while actually getting ish done. I have a large MP3 collection, but it's easy to get tired of that stuff right quick. In the past, I've found some Shoutcast radio stations which are great here and here and here (links require WinAmp). If you've never heard of Shoutcast or are wondering how to get these stations, just download WinAmp and then find the stations you like at their website. Alternately, you can just click on the links above and get to grooving right away. Basically, these stations have huge playlists and are on all day long.

But, of course, I'm always looking for something new so when my friend directed me to the BBC's Asian Network I quickly got to grooving on the bhangra sounds of Adil Ray (which I talked about before). I've just started listening to another show on BBC's Radio 1 put on by some guys named Bobby Friction & Nihal. If you're more into the breakbeats with Asian fusion (ie, Asian Massive), then this is the station for you. A weekly show highlighting some great grooves. And since the BBC is kind enough to archive the shows, you can listen any time you like!

Don't worry, I've got my (nearly) last post about Europe coming soon...and I'll be focusing on the drinking! In the meantime, get yer asses shaking to the groove.

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