Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Must Read

I email article links to friends, on occassion, when I think it would be something of to interest them. I rarely, if ever, send out mass emails without explanation of why a particular article is worthy of reading. Here is a case where mass distribution is a MUST. If you do not read this, you will be missing out on the best newspaper series EVER! I'd recommend getting a soda or cup of coffee before reading all of the articles, but you'd spit it all out laughing. Don't eat or drink anything while reading. I'd prefer that my readers NOT choke while reading. Unintentional Comedy Scale: Off the Charts.

Rather than say more, I'll just quote Bill Simmons, The Sports Guy:

Finally, I'd like to introduce you to the greatest newspaper series of all time. And yes, I know what I just wrote. This is the greatest newspaper series of all time. Except, of course, the idea was swiped from's own (and better) "Blue Chip Diaries" from last year.

Anyway, the Miami Herald has been following around All-State high school linebacker Willie Williams -- he's checking out various colleges and reporting back on his recruiting trips. I couldn't possibly describe what's happening here. I'm just going to give you the link, and you need to read all three of these features. And please read them in sequence. I don't ask for much.
Here are the articles. As instructed, read them in order. I'll add all future articles in this series right here.

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