Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back, But Not the Same

I'm back to work today...sort of getting back to normal life. Not surprisingly, things are so different. Priorities have shifted. My daily schedule & routine have changed. And I'm not sure what more will change in the coming days & weeks.

As I expected, my daily life has changed quite a bit. I know it'll change a lot more now that I'm back to work and eventually when my parents and Radha's parents go back to their regular lives. Having them around to help and enjoy with the little one has allowed us to be sort of in la-la land where we haven't had to cook & clean and keep an eye on Sophia 24 hrs a day. Now, step by step, we'll find out what it really means to be parents.

So the most interesting thing I've noticed with this whole parenthood thing is how my mental state has really changed in regards to loved ones. Well, let's not say that's it's's just become more evident and obvious. I'm finding that I think so much more about the value of my loved ones and what a devastation it would be if they were not in my life.

And it manifests itself in really odd ways. Typical example: I finally watched "I Am Legend" If you haven't seen it, Will Smith plays the "last" guy on earth after a man-made virus hits the earth. He's got his dog with him as his only companion. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a dog lover through and through. And while watching "I Am Legend" I found myself caring more about the german shepherd than I cared about Will Smith. The dog ran into a dark warehouse and all I could think about was how heartbreaking it would be when (not if) the dog got hurt or died. The obvious next thought was about my dogs.

And when it's late at night, I can't help but look over at my sleeping daughter & wife and what they mean to me. This little one is so new to this world, but has already become such a huge part of our lives. And Radha is now, not just my wife, but a wonderful mother who does everything in her power to ensure for Sophia's well being. It's only in those moments that I realize things will never be the same again.

Nor do I want them to be.


I.Bains said...

Jigar - Very insightful writing. I think you have the makings of a writer buddy!

I will say as life's chapter's unfold, we all seem to recognize and value the same universal truth that it is truly all about people. Yet we do tend to forget from time to time and still sweat over the small stuff.


Gina said...

Bravo!! Funny how we don't appreciate and cherish the smallest things around us that we take for granted until something triggers it. Hopefully we never forget how lucky we are to have our loved ones around us, including four-legged friends.