Sunday, May 04, 2008


I was going to start this post talking about "firsts" that I'll always remember...I fed my daughter for the first time yesterday...I noticed she has brownish eyes like her mother...I watched as two grandmothers played with their little bundle of joy...we took our sweetheart out for her first stroller ride to the doctor. Not surprisingly, most of these moments would just pass by if we didn't pause to cherish them.
And pausing is what allowed me to realize that these are all memories. Things are moving so quickly, it's hard to comprehend that just 5 mornings ago I wasn't a father. But it's just as crazy to think that we've had 5 days of "firsts" and 5 days of memories made.

I already feel like a pro at diaper changing, swaddling, and rocking the baby to sleep. And as I stop to think about it, I just find it amazing that we've stepped into this role and everyday in our lives will be changed in little ways and big ways.

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