Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cluster F*ing

One of the first things I realized as we traversed down the journey towards parenthood is that the details of reality are quite different than the generalities I've heard.

An example during pregnancy is the amount that the baby moves while inside mommy's tummy. I thought it would be some movement which could be seen, but our baby was like an alien! After about the 6th month, we could make out specific body parts as the baby was moving inside mommy. Crazy!

So what does this have to do with Cluster F*ing?

Well, I'm talking about Cluster Feeding. Even when we took baby care classes, we never heard about this, and man, is it exhausting! They say that a newborn will need to eat very frequently and new parents just can't get enough rest. That is definitely true, but we never knew about what the nurses call cluster feeding where the baby just needs to eat constantly for hours on end. We're talking about non-stop suckling...take the baby away from her food and she immediately starts crying.

After a while, we got a bit worried since nothing seemed to console this child. But after the nurse explained this all to us, we just had to deal with it despite the fact that both of us were falling asleep while sitting on the bed watching the baby feed.

Anyways, we're back home today and getting settled into the lives of new parents. The hours are just a blur right now, but every moment that we get to spend with our child makes up for any of the stress and exhaustion.

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