Friday, May 02, 2008

Junior & Buddy & Baby make 3

One of the common questions we've been getting now that the baby's home is how we're handling the dogs. Most people don't have two golden retrievers at home to welcome home baby so it's not surprising. And considering most Indians don't have dogs period, Radha and I have been expecting questions on this matter.

Safe to say, it's been pretty much what we thought it would be. Our guys have been alternately curious or disinterested or even a bit depressed.

Before we brought the baby home, I actually brought her first hat home for the dogs to smell. They immediately smelled something new and sniffed down the hat as well as my jeans.

When we brought the baby home, I think getting a feel for the smell in advance helped since they didn't go crazy like they sometimes do when we've been away from the house for more than a day. Since then, the guys have tended to come over to see what's going on with the baby, but then walk away after getting a couple of sniffs. When she's sleeping in the bassinet, they immediately come over and get a couple of sniffs but then they go chill out in their usual spots.

The only wierd thing happened this morning when Buddy (the younger, more playful dog) came into the room when the baby was crying like mad as we changed her clothes. All of a sudden Buddy gave a really concerned whine/growl which is something he usually only does when he sees something he wants to check out more closely (like a squirrel or bird). And that was it. Back to normal.

Not to say we're unconcerned. Even the best trained dogs can do things unexpectedly and wreak havoc. So we're watching them closely and making sure they still get their usual dose of love and know that they're still very much a part of our family.

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