Sunday, September 07, 2008

In a Blink

An unbelievable 3 months have passed since I last wrote about life and I must say, it's well past time to get back on here. When I last wrote, Sophia was still a tiny thing and didn't really react much to us or the things around her. She just needed to be loved. In the 3+ months since then, Sophia has changed and grown so much.

Yet, Radha and I still pause every once in a while in amazement at our daughter. Yes, we're parents. Yes, we still smile ear to ear when we think about it.

While I can't speak for Radha, some of the things I'll always remember about these first 4+ months of Sophia's life aren't singular events. They aren't one time things. They're things which are now daily parts of our lives.

Perhaps my favorite part of the day is the first moment of Sophia's day. When she wakes up and is blinking away her dreams. We'll be sitting there waiting for her to see us. We'll be sitting there waiting for her sweet smile. We'll be sitting there waiting to wish her a good morning and a brand new welcome to her world.

One of the daily rituals which I just love and look forward to are Sophia's baths. As many of our friend know, rather than bathe Sophia in a baby tub, I just take her into the shower with me and hold her in my arms while I soap her up and rinse her down. These showers started when she had a cold and needed the steam to help clear her breathing. And from there, it's been something we've done everyday. For me, it's the one time during the day when it's just daddy and daughter. And every time I step into the shower with her, I've come to appreciate the moment for what it is. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to do this with her. She'll get bigger and squirm around more than would be safe. And maybe her mommy will want to give her a bath too :) In the meantime, I baby talk to her and sing to her during the few minutes of the day when it's just me and her. And I love it!

For every week that passes, there's something else which leads us to proclaim that Sophia is a big girl. Just in the past week, she's started eating solid food. She loves the rice cereal she's getting and gobbles it up like there's no tomorrow. The week before that, she found her feet and decided she likes how they taste.

Each of these things were a "first" and we couldn't help but talk about them. But they've now become commonplace things for us. If nothing else, this blog post will help us remember these moments many years from now.

I'll end this post with some thoughts for the future...we're in Singapore right now visiting Radha's family. While her family has seen her grow so much in just 2 weeks here, they won't be seeing Sophia again for quite some time. I can't imagine the changes and the progress that we will experience with Sophia before we see Radha's family again. It's something I look forward to and it's something I hope to track over time.

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