Wednesday, October 29, 2008

6 months's my sweetheart's half-birthday today and what a half-year it has been. I've actually been thinking about this post for a few days now...not so much about the exact words which I would write, but more thinking about all the wonderful things we've seen in her short life.

I still remember the tears that came to my eyes as the doctor cut her umbilical cord. I haven't cried so many happy tears since...I don't know when.

They say men don't cry or they don't this or that, but just to clarify...DADs are exempt from all that. Whether it's making silly faces and sounds since they make Sophia laugh, or waddling along and singing with her in her baby carrier, Sophia's makes all our inhibitions disappear.

And sometimes, I just have to stop and watch. I know Radha does the same thing. We'll just watch her. There's the joy that she's our daughter and that we're her parents. But there's the amazement at what she's doing and discovering. Lately, we've both caught her just staring at her hands or feet and flexing her fingers and toes. Looking at her face, it's clear that she's doing something as ordinary as practicing her movements. But moreover, she's discovering more and more of her world. Those brain cells of hers are putting two and two together and realizing that she can indeed control her fingers and reach for her toys (or Junior's ears).

The interections with the dogs are one of the latest things we love to watch and encourage. When Junior will allow it, we'll sit Sophia on Junior's back and just let her play with his fur and grab his ears. When Buddy's calm enough, we'll let him sniff and give light licks to Sophia's fingers and cheeks.

And while everyday life and the stresses that come with it take their toll, all of that fades into nothingness when Sophia's in my arms. It's the most amazing thing and these are the moments I hope to remember and cherish forever.

Happy Half Birthday Bachu!

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