Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is HER time

One other thing I completely forgot to mention in my post yesterday was something that has NEVER come to my mind before last night. Barack Obama had his 30 minute ad on many channels last night and I was sure to watch it. Afterwards, I updated my status on Facebook to the following:
Jigar is so glad he watched Obama's ad..... it brought chills to my spine.... THIS is our time.... THIS is MY PRESIDENT.

Well, I kept it simple in my status, but there was a much bigger reason I just HAD to post on facebook about that...

In addition to bringing chills to my spine, last night Obama brought mist to my eyes. Not because of what he means to me, but because of what he means to Sophia. There are, of course, many inspirational leaders, none more inspiring than Gandhi. And I appreciate what they have to say about improving the future. But last night was the first time that upon hearing such a leader, I looked the future in the eyes....

And she smiled back at me.


The last time I felt anything like this kind of inspiration from a leader was when Bill Clinton stood for the future. At the time, as a college student, it was obvious to me that the guy was exactly what we needed. It was a very personal thing and it brought about a huge sense of pride.

Well, Obama has provided much of the same type of pride & inspiration and I just can't tell you how much this man needs to be our president. However, while watching his ad, in all its sappiness, I just couldn't help looking down at Sophia in her swing.

And for the absolute first time in my life, I connected the dots between the hazy idea of "THE FUTURE" and the clear brown eyes of my daughter. The future, in my mind, has always been about improving my life or our lives.

But never has it been about HER life.

I realized that this moment is not mine. It's not our's. It's HER'S.

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