Wednesday, June 21, 2006

HDTV better than the real thing

So we got a new HDTV last week. I've been wanting one for ages, but never really prioritized it since we had a lot of other things to think about. So now having this huge TV is not just fun to watch, many times it feels better than actually being there.

This is usually the case with sports since TV cameras usually have much better views than what the average person can get in the cheap seats. But with the HD, every detail is amazing. Yes, yes, I know, HD has been around for quite some time. I'm certainly not an early adopter, but when I finally jump in, I'm totally pleased.

What is even more amazing is watching the documentary shows on Discovery and these two channels called INHD (get it? In High Def? Ha!). At the moment, I'm watching "Jeremy Piven's Journey of a Lifetime". Or should I say re-watching it? I wrote about the program previously when I first saw it. I specifically recorded it since I knew it would be a different experience in HD.

No kidding. Piven is currently on the backwaters in Kerala and it's exactly like a I remember it from my trip there. Makes me want to return post-haste. I want to return even more due to some discussions we've had around the photography and trying to concentrate more on the art of our work; not just event coverage. More on that soon.

But anyway, it's truly amazing how a higher definition image just takes you away from your living room and places you smack dab in the middle of a Kathakali performance. I'm not surprised by this at all. Afterall, our photography almost always takes our clients away and places them right smack dab in the middle of their memories.

By the way, I've gotta add a few more comments about Jeremy Piven. The program is just wonderful. I wish he had spent more time in India. The interesting thing is that his experience is full of spiritual connection (which is what I usually expect when white people go to India), but he also just acts sort of random. I'd say he acts dumb or demeaning or racist, but it's not that. I suppose I could get offended by some of it, but I'm far from offended. In fact, it makes his trip all the more real. It's not like he's treating India as some cultural oasis. He treats it like a place when people actually live - they're not just religious kooks living in a Land of Culture, they're people! And so I think this makes the show (and Piven) a bit more charming and more real. And ya, the HD makes it more real too.


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