Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Drinkin Blak

So as I battle the multi-tasking withdrawals (actually the withdrawals aren't so bad if you don't quit), I realized I forgot to update the Coke Blak status. If you'll recall, I blogged about finding Coke Blak at the grocery store. Thoughts?

First of all, it's not cheap! It's like $2 for a tiny little bottle. But on the taste? Well, it's better than Pepsi Tarik, which is what I had a can of in Malaysia. The drugged up Pepsi sort of tasted old. Drugged up Coke has a distinct Coffee flavor.

But I don't think I'll drink it again, unless someone buys me a case for my birthday :P Hint: Please spend your money on better things than coffee flavored coke. Hint: Please give me something other than coffee flavored coke for my birthday. Hint: A New Car! (Just spent $700+ on car repair, singular...fixing a single thing cost $700+!)

There are so many new fangled beverages coming out. A drink for every niche. Hey, if every niche gets it's own cable channel and website, why not a drink, right? That's true to some extent, but I just don't think Coke Blak or any coffee-mix will catch on. Soda is usually really sweet (even if it's calorie free), while coffee is usually bitter (unless your idea of coffee is a 25 pump vanilla latte) with a bit of sweetness thrown in. In fact, I think part of the pleasure of coffee is the mix of coffee bitterness with sugar sweetness. So that would make you think mixing coffee with cola would work really well...but not so much. Cola just doesn't lend itself well to bitter mixers. Cherry, vanilla, lime and the like seem to do really well with cola, but they're all sweet and/or sour. And coffee mixes well with sweetness, but that's usually in some creamy or foamy form of sweetness, not cola.

So never shall the two covort in my mouth at the same time.

Now, let me get back to uni-tasking.


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