Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Uni-Tasking - Counterproductive

I realized today just how antsy I get when I can't multi-task or I have to do just a single thing for hours on end. I've got all-day mtgs this week and I've been trying to pay more attention than I usually do. So I actually followed the "laptops down" rule even kept track of every presentation and conversation. Good stuff.

Except for all the things I didn't get done. So now I'm totally behind on emails, voicemails, etc, etc. What a pain.

I know that paying attention to things is actually a good thing. But doing just a single thing at a time seems like such a waste of time. Yes, it's bad to do a half-ass job of things while multi-tasking, but I think I've gotten so used to multi-tasking that I end up actually accomplishing more than if I just did those same things one after another. Sure that just may be a rationalization, but whatever. I'm addicted to multi-tasking and it's gonna be hard to quit.


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