Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Random Rudeness

Just as important an issue as Flag Burning is the random rudeness I face :)

This isn't a straight-up kind of rudeness, but it's just stuff that makes you go "WTF?" quietly...not enough to actually say anything, but enough to make you wonder what people were thinking.

Case in point, I was washing my coffee mug in the breakroom when some guy I had never seen, creeped up beside me and poured his cup of coffee down the drain without asking for a little space. Now, it's not like I need the personal space, but I also don't need coffee to splash on me, especially someone else's coffee. Especially while I'm washing my mug in the same sink at the same time and don't even have time to move my mug to the side. Dude proceeds to pour himself another cup and walk out. No excuse me, thanks, or any other niceties.


Proceeding to the counter in the breakroom, people seem to think they can leave their random sugar, half-and-half, and other used packets on the counter. Why? There's a trash can right in front of you. Use it!

And finally, someone I had never worked with scheduled a meeting with me yesterday and didn't show up. No big deal, it happens. So I left the person a voicemail mentioning that I waited 15 mins then left and to schedule another mtg if they need to. Later that day I got a re-scheduled mtg request but no comments about completely missing a mtg. No voicemail reply either. Again, missing the mtg wasn't a huge deal, but a simple comment about it would give me the confidence that this person would actually attend the second time around.

Anyways, I haven't ranted for a while, so there you rant for the month of June.


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