Thursday, May 04, 2006

Back in Blak

I meant to post this last week after a trip to Safeway, but what can I say? I'm forgetful.

Anyways, we were in Safeway and I walked by the cold single serve beverages in the back (you know, just in case you need a mixer for the fifth of rum you're buying).

First thoughts: This photo kind of sucks. My new cell phone is really cool, but the photos it takes aren't nearly as nice as I'd like.

Second thoughts: Coke Blak? Huh?

If you recall my wrap-up posts from my recent trip to Singapore, I found and consumed a can of Pepsi Tarik, which is a mix of cola & coffee. As you can review, I wasn't blown away. At that time I found some news that Coke would be releasing something in France and lo-and-behold, I just found a bunch of bottles at Safeway!

While the bottle is intriguing (it's a metal bottle wrapped in plastic sheathing), based on my experience with Pepsi Tarik, I wasn't intrigued enough to grab a bottle and get lit up with caffeine.

Now that I've blogged about it, I might just drop by the market and grab a bottle. I'll keep you all updated since I know you're sitting on the edge of your collective seats.



Anonymous said...

We are! We are! Hurry up and tell us if you like it!

Anonymous said...

Why oh why would anyone want to drink coffee mixed with cola??? It sounds slightly toxic.