Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Double Shot

So before my decision to cut out sodas, I was drinking quite a bit while in Singapore. The heat and all the walking around just makes one thirsty. Usually, I love all the local juices there, but on this trip, for some reason I was drinking of a lot of soda.

So when we headed off to Malaysia for a day trip, I found this interesting drink. Now, I'm not a Pepsi lover. In fact, I wasn't even in the mood to drink anything, but this can caught my attention. What kind of Pepsi is this?!

Obviously, the bottom of the can tells you that it's a coffee flavored cola. The main reason this got me interested is because in addition to soda, while in Singapore, I had been drinking a lot of the local hot coffee and teas. The word "tarik" actually means "Pull" in Malay and is used to refer to local tea: Teh Tarik. It actually means "Pulled Tea" since the person who makes it pours it from one jug to another several times and it actually looks like he's pulling the tea from one to the other.

Anyways, I guess Pepsi decided to use this local term with their brand-name. Thus this strange brew of Pepsi and Coffee. How did it taste? Like old cola. Actually, it tasted like this local India cola called Sosyo which has a slightly spicy flavor to. It didn't actually taste bad or anything, but it didn't taste like cola or coffee. Just something wierd.

So the further reason I just had to drink this (besides the name) is that while on the plan over to Singapore I actually read that Coke is going to be releasing a coffee flavored cola in France, called Blak. Anyone who knows me, knows I loves me some strong coffee so I figured the Pepsi Tarik could serve as a substitute for the Coke version.

Anyways, don't waste your time with this stuff. Sometimes, things just shouldn't be mixed. Coffee and Cola may sound nasty, it may good. But for the most part, it tastes blah.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting -- a lot of what you mentioned parallels my thoughts when I first heard about Coke Blak. Coffee-flavored coca-cola just sounds like a bad combination. But I'll probably still give it a try when it comes out in the states ...