Monday, January 09, 2006

First Class

I've got a few things to blog about, but let me just blog this: Unfortunately we didn't get upgraded to first class on our most recent trip to Singapore (last year we got business all the way which spoiled us), but this guy did: The New Digital Life

People are leaving comments and blogging about the totally digital nature of things and that's why he got upgraded. While his ability to be online made things easier for him since he could watch HBO and determine exactly when his flight would arrive, I don't believe that's why he got upgraded. Forget about the digital life, it's simply because he was nice.

It's amazing what being kind and appreciative will get you in this world. I actually had a similar experience a few years ago at San Jose airport where our plane had mechanical difficulties and we got delayed. We were stuck in SJC for hours, but we were nice enough to the gate agents. They had given everyone meal vouchers. Since we had been chit chatting with the gate agents for a while, we got them some food, drinks, and ice cream in addition to what we got ourselves. Lo and behold, when we were finally able to leave, those same agents gave us first class.

So I'd love to be able to surf the web wherever I am and use vital information like this person got about his next flight, but I guarantee you that it wasn't the flight info that got him his was the fact that he was nice enough to buy the gate agent a burger.

Nuff said.

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