Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Soliciting gone a step further

We attended another bridal faire on Sunday since we find it an easy way to introduce ourselves to new families who may not have heard of us through referrals. It went quite well and we were busy the entire time. Depending on the person who comes up to our booth, we'll either let them take a look and just say "Hello" or, if they look more interested, we'll ask more specific questions. Generally, the first thing people ask us is what we do and we tell them about our Photo & Video skills, etc.

But about 1/2 way through, I got a really strange first question...

An Indian woman in her late thirties asked me "So do you do this full time?"

I thought to be a sort of wierd first question. We do indeed get the question all the time and we're up front about the nature of our business: I have a day-job and my partner is currently doing this full-time. But the topic is usually something that only comes up after we've talked about our skillset, etc.

So anyways, I told the woman that I do this part-time and she responded with "Oh that's great" and then said something about entrepreneurship and finding the time to do such things. Again, I thought her response was really odd, but said something neutral like "Ya, we've always got to keep our options open and do things we love"

So then the woman launched into a typical Quixtar shit-speech!

She didn't mention Quixtar at all, but I've been on the receiving end of this schpiel enough times to know the deal. She said her husband has a internet based marketing company and he's always looking for new partners; would I be interested.


Fuck No.

I quickly gave her a polite response "Sorry, I'm not interested"

And she went on her merry way to harrass other people in a totally inappropriate venue. And I say it's inappropriate, because a Bridal Faire is not the place to get people involved with your "pyramid, but not technically" scheme.

I really wish I had told this woman that it was not right to go around asking people about getting involved in Quixtar in this situation. But I really had no need to get into it with this little woman.

I just hope other people didn't have to face her. Even moreso, I hope they told her off.


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Anonymous said...

Damn! These Quixtar peeps are drawn to you like a magnet to a refrigerator!