Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sickly Sweet 16

Don't deny it. You've seen MTV's Super Sweet 16.

In fact, I've seen it often enough that I actually edited a video for a 16th birthday party so that the opening sequence had a similar look to the opening of the actual MTV show.

This is what I do in my spare time. Pretend I'm MTV.

Anyways, this NYTimes article doesn't have any new, but....

Click onto the second page to read about the spoiled Indian girls. I can't wait to watch that one. Not that they deserve any more or less attention and ridicule than any of the other 16 year olds on this show.

All this proves of course is that most Indians just wanna be like everyone else. As Dr. Kothapalli, the girls' father says, "It's the American way. You work hard and you play hard."

BTW...the gift from the parents? A Bentley, diamonds, and two homes in India.

Play hard indeed.

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