Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So I may pick up on things a little late but you cant
tell me I dont recognize a good thing when I see it!

For what its worth Im posting this blog from my cell
phone. It doesnt require any crazy cell phone but my
phone has a decent keyboard on it so heres a go at me
jumping on the latest bandwagon: Mobile Blogging.

Youd think I have more to say...but nope thats it. I
doubt Ill use this on any frequent basis but if I ever
travel (which is in doubt considering how much were
spending on the new house) I can definitely see myself
posting thoughts and photos from my cell phone. Just
the fact that I have that option is really cool. Of
course in the meantime all of my (inconsistent) posts
will be coming via my laptop.

Now...let me get back to the laptop which is right in
front of me :)

1 comment:

Jigar said...

Obviously the apostrophes in my punctuationally perfect post were lost between my cell phone and blogger...oh well.