Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Finalizing the house purchase and the sale of our current house has kept us rather busy.

Anyways, we finally watched Supersize Me and both my wife and I were pretty disgusted.

I have to admit I eat a lot more fastfood than I should or want to. It's not so much that I like the taste, but that's it so convenient on my busy days. My wife actually much better than I do.

I won't really comment too much on the premise of the documentary since I'm sure we've all come to the realization about McDonald's a long time ago.

Morgan Spurlock did a good job with editing since the film really punches at the right time and rarely seems to pile on. Don't get me wrong, he obviously wants the fast food industry and the mass food industry in general to be depicted in a very, very bad light. However, he does a good job with just moving on to another topic once he's made his point. I feel like this is rather different than Michael Moore's editing of Farenheit 9/11. He really seems to love piling on. I definitely prefer the method of making a good point, then moving on.

So coming out the this movie, I've made a mid-ur resolution to cut-out (or cut down drastically) the crappy fast food that I tend to eat. If I'm in a rush, I'm going to do my best to choose something more healthful (or at least less unhealthy). In practice, this might mean going to Quizno's for a low-fat sub (rock on Honey Bourbon Chicken!) rather than grabbing a double cheeseburger and/or a McChicken. It also means going to Baja Fresh rather than Taco Bell.

In general, I don't think I overeat, since I try not to fill my stomach, just satisfy my hunger. But as far as I'm concerned, eating a small amount of shit food on a consistent basis is just as bad as eating supersized meals regularly.

And just to mention that I tend to eat decent food, here's my regular, rather bland diet: Oatmeal in the morning, Gardenburger (no cheese) for lunch. Dinner can really vary since lately we've been eating-out or ordering-in more often than usual. It's those times when I'm sick of the cafeteria environment that I fall off the cliff into a pile of McFat.

No more.

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