Thursday, March 09, 2006

Stupid Ass Drivers

Okay, so anyone who knows me has heard me rant about all the dumb drivers I must face everyday. But this post isn't about drivers who've gotten in my way or almost hit me, etc. It's about stupid people who have no clue how to act when they see flashing blue lights and hear a wailing siren...

The other day I was on the freeway coming home when a CHP car pulled up in front of me, turned on the lights and started swerving back and forth. If you've never seen this, he's doing a traffic stop. In this case, it turned out there was a big ladder sitting in the middle of the lanes that they needed to be cleared out of the way.

So I was in a good mood that evening (listening to Pharcyde's SoulFlower remix can do that) so I didn't really get annoyed. Even if I was in a rush and had gotten annoyed, I wouldn't have done anything differently. Flashing lights, swerving cop? I'm keeping my distance and pulling over. I don't need to tempt a cop into pulling me over.

Apparently, this wasn't in the plan for some idiot in the fast lane driving a Pathfinder. Even before we came to a stop, I kept looking over at the dude wondering why he was tailgating the cop. What use was it? If the cop's got something to do, let him do it. If he's just fucking around, don't give the cop a reason to fuck with you. Simple as that. So the cop finally comes to a stop, someone pops out of the car and takes the ladder safely out of the lanes. The officer doing this was clearly in a hurry so as not to stop traffic for too long.

But it apparently wasn't fast enough for Pathfinder dude. While the officer is walking in the lanes, Pathfinder goes around the stopped cop car and tries to speed off. Bad idea. Cop immediately stops him and I could see them talking. Pathfinder then pulls over on the shoulder with the cop tailing him. I'm sure ticketing and a good talking-to ensued. Serves the idiot right. The sad thing is he probably thought it was perfectly fine to swerve be a cop walking in the middle of a freeway!

BTW, if you ever see some obstruction on the freeway, you should call 911 from your cell phone. I've double-checked on this and the 911 operators have told me that any time something is in the middle of the freeway, they want people to report it via 911.

And more examples of idiots on the road...I was on the way home last night on surface streets. I hear sirens and start looking around. It's an ambulance coming from behind me. I was in the left most lane so I got over to the shoulder and chilled out while the ambulance was swerving through traffic. Here's what I don't get...when people see an ambulance, why do they think they don't need to get out of the way? These ambulance drivers are obviously doing a good thing and here we got idiots who think they can just speed up or pull over to the LEFT or just stop right in the middle of the damned road. WTF? And then of course there are the people who think the ambulance is a free ride through all the traffic so they tailgate it. Dude, this isn't Die Hard and you're not Bruce Willis being a smart ass getting through rush hour traffic by following sirens.

Anyways, as usual, I find too many idiots on the road. If they're not getting in my way, they're getting in the way of people doing a good thing for us. I'm obviously far from a perfect driver, but I defer to anyone of the road who's out doing their work. It's the least we can do.

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