Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hip Hop (Not)

So my wife is obsessed with a Bollywood actor named Abishek Bachchan. If you're not familiar, he's the son of the legendary Amitabh Bachchan. And if you're not familiar with him, ust think of him as the Indian DeNiro.

So anyways, she was watching a video of Abishek's this evening and I realized (once again) that this hip hop thing has gone too far. Much too far. Can we stop it?

I'm going to try something here by linking to a video. I've seen it done on other blogs, so hopefully it works here. My point here is to allow you to watch this video so I don't need to go into details explaining why hip hop has gone a continent too far. I'll just summarize it as WTF?

The song is called Right Here Right Now (no, it's somehow not a rip off of Moby). And while I'm sure Abishek is a good looking man (my wife certainly thinks so), his gangsta lean and shoulder dipping just leave me speechless. And did I mention he's got a skin tight basketball jersey with his own name on it and the number 69? Speaking of speech...the English lyrics literally make no sense. It's worse than Engrish. And thank god for the scantily clad video ho's. Without them, this wouldn't be a real attempt a hip hop video. Anyways, turn up your speakers and enjoy the video.


Anonymous said...

I watched the video and its entertaining...partly for his attempt at trying to be a rap star and trying to sing. I think he wants to be as big as his dad and sing and act.
And the tight bball jersey, what was that about?? But then Bollywood is obsesed with tight clothing for men (and women...well when they're wearing any).

Anonymous said...

This video was played at least once an hour on MTV while I was in India. I have no clue why it was so popular -- maybe it's the hos!