Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Snap! Crackle! Click! - Magnum Photos

All went quiet on the blog front after I was bragging to peeps that I had finally hit a blogging stride. Having two jobs can do that to you. So can buying a house. Did I mention I have two jobs and we're buying a house? Huh.

So anyways, I occassionally take a look at Magnum photo galleries on and I thought I'd post about it here.
(c) Steve McCurry / Magnum Photos

The series on Slate is pretty interesting. They have daily photos, but they also have photo essays. Since it's a series, there are many photographers who are contributors and really, this stuff on Slate is simple a place for Magnum to show off some of the great photographs taken by Magnum members. What's kind of cool that the daily photos are all on a specific theme. Today's theme is Earth. Monday was the first day of spring. March 15th was the Ides of March. So it's a way to see photos relevent to the day or at least a collection of photos along a specific theme. Good stuff.

There are obviously a ton of places online which you can view photography, flickr leading the charge for Web2.0. But since I frequent Slate and they've featured such great images produced by Magnum, I thought I'd mention it here.


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