Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Recylcing and the art of exceedingly small trash cans

You know the best way to get someone to recycle? Provide a trash recepticle which is way too small to fit trash AND recycle-able goods. And provide a recycle container which is god awful huge.

Never mind the fact that one could simply fill the recycle bin with trash. Let's assume the parties involved are "good citizens" and willing to do their parts to help reduce landfill trash.

So now that we live in our own home, we have to pay for garbage service. San Jose city provides various sizes of trash cans - the larger the can, the more we pay. I understand the basic logic: The more trash you have, the more it costs in terms of landfill space, etc. And, of course, the extra cost is passed on to homeowners. Makes sense.

I've always been one to recycle when (easily) possible. When the recycle bin isn't presented to me alongside the trash bin, I'll look around, but if I don't find the recycle bin close by, that Coke can goes in the trash. Of course, since I'm now paying for every bit of stuff that goes into the trash bin, I think twice about whether that bit of stuff is actually trash or recycleable. On top of that, our recycle container is 3 times larger than the trash container SJ City gave to us. I could get a larger trash container, but I'd have to pay double. So not only is SJ City passing landfill costs onto the homeowner, they're encouraging homeowners (in a round about way) to recycle more and trash less.

Suffice it to say, I'm now a huge recycle freak. I've put a separate recycle bin under our kitchen sink so we think twice before throwing items directly into the trash. And you know what? We're managing to fill that sucker up more than the trash!

Now, I just need to start my compost bin and buy a hybrid car and I'll be thoroughly green...should I start wearing hemp clothing and get some birkenstocks too?

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richang said...

you'll have to get rid of your leather goods as well and probably install bidets - those butt fountains - in your toliets.