Thursday, June 24, 2004


So can I just say that buying a home means there's no going back to being cool? Man, my ass is so domesticated! We're getting our backyard done right now with concrete, etc. Normally, a backyard isn't something I think too much about. We used to rent a big home before and we didn't give a damn about the backyard until we wanted to BBQ. Now? I'm coming home from work everyday and checking on progress. That's the first thing I do! Help!

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Henry said...

trees and plants and grass - that is what a back yard is for - you are just having concrete???

do you not want to deal with the hassle? if you do have just concrete - i suggest a fire pit and barbeque grill with potted plants to give color.

i too am a hgtv and tlc and diynet tv junkie.

I just repainted the house and we are getting our kitchen redone - and getting a roll up garage door - and i'm working on having some kind of rock garden path on the side of the house.

Owning and maintaining a home can be cool.