Tuesday, June 29, 2004

No Selling Involved!

Have you ever been in some store and a random dude comes up to you asking if you work in the area, or work for company X? Well, if you're Indian and live in the South Bay, you're probably quite familiar with this. Usually it's some Indian guy in his late 20's/early 30's asking how your job is. Now, if you're smart, you say as little as possible to the guy and go on with your business of buying of toilet paper or whatever the hell you're at Wal-mart for. Why? Because the brown dude across from you is casing you to see if you're gullible enough to become involved in the most popular "pyramid" scheme this side of Amway.

Now, flashback to two weeks ago. My wife and I were in Wal-mart buying towels or somesuch. A young-ish couple is talking in one of the aisles and the husband asks me if the stuff at Wal-mart is any good and what kinds of things they should buy there. Now, both my wife and I thought this question was kind of odd since even if you're fresh off the H1 plane (which this guy wasn't), you've probably heard of Wal-mart, and if you haven't heard of it, you'd figure out the level of quality at the place - cheap, but good enough to not worry about.

Anyways, we have a short conversation with the couple...turns out they come from Gujarat, the same place my family's from. So we take down phone numbers yada yada. Dude calls me a few days later and it turns out he's doing the Quixtar/BWW pitch on me - without actually naming the company. In retrospect, this is a pretty conniving way to get into someone's ear...strike up a conversation randomly, then call them to hook em in. And you know Quixtar & BWW teach their disciples these tricks of the trade.

Now, if you haven't heard of Quixtar, give 'em a hit and make 'em feel good about themselves. It's basically an online merchant, but instead of selling goods themselves, they line up gullible people to sell the stuff for them. Of course, as the pitch goes, there's no selling involved, no marketing involved, nothing involved except a few hours a week. Why anyone would want to buy the products from Quixtar, I don't know. They seem to sell the same stuff as Amazon, Wal-mart, and "finer department stores".

So when I'm talking to this guy, I know he's casing me for this shit, but I'm piqued because apparently he and his wife are a tag team. He wants to come by our house with his wife and "talk for 15-20 minutes". In my senseless state, I said, sure, come by Monday night.

Bad Move.

They come and talk our heads off for an hour and a half! The whole time I wasn't so concerned with Quixtar, but with the selling skills of these people. To be honest, they weren't very good. It's a barely worthwhile scheme to begin with, but these two would hardly be able to sell me fertilizer for my new backyard.

Anyways, I've now got this folder of marketing material sitting on my dining room table. And I've gotta see this guy again to give it back to him. How annoying.

Lesson for all you kids: When in Wal-mart, keep to yourself, lest THEY reel you in.

Lesson for all you wanna be (non)sales people: Hook up with Quixtar so you too can learn how to talk to people with a sorry sales pitch.

Question for the floor: Why the hell are so many random Indian techies involved in this shit? For every Indian that started up a dot-com, there's gotta be 20 of these fools pacing the aisles of your local convenience store.

Anyone out there got a Quixtar story of their own? Been pitched by these guys? Are YOU one of these guys? As my homie Fabolous would say "Holla back youngin" I wanna hear more.


Henry said...

that really sucks- sounds like a good plot for a movie - a pyramid scheme movie in the style of "best in show" or that folk music one. You will be proud of me when I say I have been watching all the cassini stuff on the nasa channel. my daughter is excited about it too.


Anonymous said...

In regards to scheduling a meeting with this couple, all you had to say was I'm not interested. YOU FAILED TO DO THIS TWICE! This business is a money making opportunity. Amazon and other such companies will not pay you for driving traffic to their site. How annoying you took the material!

Ray Latta said...

Hey man the guy will come back and try to find your "Dream".He will ask you questions about Freedom,Sports Cars,Mansions ETC....I have 16 years experience in Amway/Quixtar and in my opinion run....He thinks becuase your Indian that you are a future Diamond!He will try his best to get you to listen to tapes,read books,go to meetings ETC...As for prices you can keep shopping at Wal-mart.I was a manager there and I have 29 years experience in Retail.

Ty Tribble said...

I have a few Quixtar stories on my blog. Mine started when I was younger, saw some success, and then found myself waking up one day and realizing that I was in Amway and while I might make money, the people that I get involved with me would likely lose money. Some people can live with that, I couldn't.

Anonymous said...

Yo bro...
i presonally own a hummer h2, mercerdes c-class n a m-class...now i gotta also let u kno i am part of this business...

Anonymous said...

I find this all interesting, because just tonight I was at a local Circuit City store and a young couple approached my friend and I. We were near the movies and they struck up a conversation about a new release that just came out today. They were very friendly, talkative, and curious people. They asked us a lot about what kind of work we did...and it all makes sense now. Towards the end he asked for my phone number. I am a nice guy, and I knew they were not from the US, so I thought maybe they were just nice people looking to make new friends, so I gave him my number. After thinking about it all, and discussing it with my friend on the way home, we started to think it was kinda fishy. He gave me a very nondescript business card with a toll free number and an email address @bww.com. Curious, we did some research on the internet and voila', we uncovered all this. At least now when he calls me I know what I am up against! :) Funniest thing is, during the conversation he said we should go for some coffee, and I was not to worry, cause he wouldn't try to sell me a car or anything...lol...no, just some ridiculous money making scheme that is a fraud. Beware everyone, they are out there scouring around in our public places...don't be fooled!

Anonymous said...

It is funny, I am 24 and I think I have been hit up by quixtar people about 3 times now. I just emailed the third a bit ago telling him I would have to cancel our lunch appointment tomorow, because I got to thinking and am not interested. When he first started talking to me he just said the right things, we seemed to have such common interest, but then at our first meeting it was all the same. They all sell the exact same. A few pictures, throw in some large numbers and some talk about having lots of time and money. The sales pitch is all there. Are there realy people that rip off enough others to make a good living at this, and why cant I just go shop at the quixtar site without becoming a business owner. I can't imagine that any other retailer would refuse my money.
Anyway it is a pain in the ass to all of a sudden realize that you just wasted your time because the guy didn't tell you upfront that he wanted you to join the pyramid. Now I have to give him back some reading material that I was to nice to turn down.


Anonymous said...

all u smarties, do the math you can shop at savings if you just dont want to be biz owner.
Buy what fits your $ dosent buy which dosent be adult and say yes/no pl dont compalin

Anonymous said...

You can shop at Quixtar without being a member or an IBO (Independent Business Owner)... some good quality stuff.... some of it's a little pricey though if you buy at retail, and you can get "reward points" for becoming a member (the reward points value add up to about the same as the cost of the membership) Have a look at the "hot buys" section. Sometimes they actually do have killer deals there.
BTW, if you are a member, you don't sell to anyone....there's nothing in it for you.

Anonymous said...

i was at a target in van nuys, california. a guy mistook me for someone that he met at a convention (now i know that was bullshit), anyway, he was very cool and sure enough he said he might have a business opp. that i might be intersted in. to make a long story short he comes over to my house and gives me the sales pitch. when it was over i took his packet and checked out the company the next day on the internet and here i am. we were supposed to get together tomorrow. he called me last night and i told him i was not interested. same thing, he needs to come and get his materials. if he tries to talk me back into to it ill kick his ass. this whole thing reminds me of the international churches of christ of which i was member for 10 years. the same recruitment tactics were used to lure in unsuspecting suckers to join the church. the only differnce was that the common member didn't make any money. but, the more people you brought in the more you were held in high regard and given positions of leadership. what a sucker i was. oh yeah, and all the members were encouraged (forced) to give 10 percent of their gross earnings to the church. and believe me they knew if you werent. what is this world coming to!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are right in mentioning that its largely an indian thing. I've met three such people so far during the last 3 years of my stay in USA. And that too when I was not a frequent Walmart, any cheap store for that matter, visitor. The first guy I met told me during a conversation that has an eCommerce business. He gave me an email address @katebww.com, but didn't try to convince me into joining the scheme (which I now find surprising). The second guy I met at a chucky-cheeze who told me and my friend that he was involved in an eCommerce business and could get us both a part time job in. He asked for out email address and phone number, gave us a web address (which we checked out to discover the bww side of him), and then set up an appointment (to which we didn't go as we knew already what he was talking about).

The third most recent experience involved a man who was a friend's friend's friend, convincing us to invest $250 to start our own eCommerce business. He went through several steps of coercion starting off with McDonald's story and showing us the dimnishing returns to scale scheme and shit like that. I told him that there was a 0.1 percent probability that a person will make 7500 dollars this way, and he shit himself.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bud,
My wife and I are involved in this business. We are also involved with many of our good friends family. I've been involved in the business for about a year now and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. We've had people tell us that they would help us and to this point the people that we're working with have done everything that they said they would. Yes, we are definitely seeing results! The way that I look at it, if we're going to be buying stuff for the rest of our lives we might as well get some reimbursement for being loyal customers. I've never once heard anyone tell me that I was going to be rich and have lots of great things. If you're reading this and you're wondering about the business just do one thing for yourself. GET ALL OF THE FACTS! You owe it to yourself to get all of the facts! In all honesty I was quite skeptical about this business too! I made sure that I got all of the facts and I'm glad that I did. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are part of the Q-bizz as well.We are seeing results as well. Any small business owner knows his return on his investment may take 3-5 years of WORK.In this bizz it only took a month. Maybe that is what every one is afraid of, getting out of your comfort zone. The road of mediocrity will always be a crowded one. All the finacial wizards out there, having trouble making payments? Are you in debt triple what you make? For the guy who thinks its 7500 dollars you were'nt listening its 7500 points of volume yielding 2,000 to 3,000 a month. 19 years olds are producing this like its going out of style. As far the motivational part of it has changed our lives and given us direction. Its our choice to participate. One more point, the products are made in America by Americans.100% gauranteed or your mony back. Try to return something these days see what you get. This business drives revenue for the American economy which ain't doing so hot with the majority of American consumers chasing the bus to save a dollar and driving all our manufacturing over seas. Buy smart not cheap. Maybe give the outgoing fearless guys and girls in Walmart who are trying to get something better for themselves and their children by helping you do the same, a chance. You might learn something.

Anonymous said...

I used to think that I am very intelligent and calculative and can not be sucked into any pyramid or get rich quick type of schemes but I got involved in quixtar/bww for less than a year and became part of those sugary bww indians. I did all kinds of things like stalking indians/others in dep. stores, wasting money on tools etc. In retrospect, I can not beleive that my greed and bww's mind-control techniques made me blind so that i could not see obvious issues. Someday I will be publishing the whole version of my quixtar/bww experience. But to all indians in USA " Beware of those sugary BWW Indians ".

Anonymous said...

It saddens me to hear all of the wrong thinking and low self esteem through-out these comments. A great many of you refuse to see the facts, which are simply, change YOUR buying habits(purchase with education not on impulse) then TEACH others to do the same, that's it period. This is not a pyramid, this is and always has been a VALID business opportunity recognized by the FTC and BBB. Wake up, free enterprise is what this country was built on.

Anonymous said...

this happened to me today after work.. got gas, went in to get some milk came out and they guy at the pump next to me says "hey, that is a nice car, is that an xyz? me: yes,
"hear they get good mileage...."

He's driving a spotless new Lexus

blah blah... me:not too bad.. then goes into what do you do. I'm in sales.. he says he is too!.. is curious if I'd be interested in earning some extra cash in a business opportunity he's involved in for doing web development/internet stuff for about 5 projects in the area, and that he's just recently moved in the area and is trying to find people to help... oddly, my background is in IT ..which probably scared him in reality since he knew I could see through his crap.. he asked how old I was, and he proceeded to tell me that he's a few years older

he gave me his card, I didn't have mine on me so I wrote my name, e-mail and work # on the back of his... he whipped out his day planner and is picking out dates where we could go have 'coffee or a coke'.. I told him i'd have to check my planner as well

I inquired more about what exactly he was doing as far as the web stuff he mentioned.. he said he has a deal with Barnes and Nobles and has done stuff with Nascar.com.. and that he was going to FL shortly, part of his B&N deal.. I inquired again on some more specifics about this.. and he went on about how they have developed some sort of auto-attendant software that answers all his phone calls or some crud...

I checked the guy out as his home address was on his card... company name was just his last name followed by International.. some 866 phone #.... he is living in a big 200K house with his wife... got the nice new lexus and is just a bit 'older' than me to make ya feel like your such a failure and he's doing sooo good.... but his e=mail was bww.com and his website takes you to something about energy bars and low carb stuff and there is reference to IBO# on the front page of that website......

I myself have no debt, I think he's deeply in debt and trying to sign people up at Gas Stations.. he seemed to be hanging around there after I left... waiting for the next person I presume...

These other stories sound eerily familiar.. this guy looked indian, but I thought he mentioned something about his wife being from the Ukraine, or he was or something....

I'm presuming I'll either get a visit at my work, a phone call to discuss when we can have coffee or an e-mail...

I'll ask him once if this is MLM related or not.. if he says yes, then I'll let him know that I only deal with people who are open, honest communicators and if he says no then I'll just refer him to this website so he can read all the eerily similar stories so he can make his own conclusion as to my suspicion.. *grin*

Anonymous said...

Here is what is wrong with BWW Indians.

Illegal/unethical activities done by BWW Indian IBOs
1. No emphasis on retailing ( 70% rule & 10 customer rule) which is the only way to have a legal quixtar business. Based on the FTC definition most of the BWW Indian IBOs are running illegal Quixtar pyramid businesses since they are not following 70% rule & 10 customer rule.

2. BWW tools business is illegal pyramid since there is no end customer. This is well documented even in Amway internal memo and various Rich Devos tapes.

3. A lot of Indians on H1B visa are doing illegal part time quixtar/bww business. According to US Immigration it is illegal for H1B visa holders to do any self-employment or part-time business. Several uplines are deceiving Immigrants by telling them that it is legal to do quixtar business on H1B visa. It seems like some indian diamonds have started their businesses illegaly when they were on H1B visas. These diamonds can be sued in a court of law.

4. Downlines are coerced / forced in various ways to buy expensive tools / function tickets / tapes / Kate / Books many of which are never used.

5. Uplines does not worry whether your business is growing or whether you are really using tools or whether tools are really helping. As long as you are buying tools regularly, they are fine with you.

6. Downlines are coerced / forced in various ways to buy PV points by buying un-necessary products many of which are never consumed.

7. BSM agreement for Tools return is never informed/ discussed. Nor the fact that tools are optional is mentioned. In most of the cases, BSM tools returns / Function ticket returns are not accepted and not honored and most of the people are given some kind of excuse.

8. Most of the people are simply buying the pins by buying overloads of products and encouraging the same to their downline.

9. BWW system is essentially a negative sum game wherein less than 1 to 5% people are making money based on the losses incurred by remaining 95%.

10. There is huge “Conflict of Interest” between upline leader who are a mentor of the downline on the one hand and on the other hand are using downlines as customers for their BWW products which is the real business for many of them.

I can go on and on with the problems with the BWW Indians….

Following are some other useful links.

- With Soap In Their Hands & Hope In Their Hearts ( about Amway India )

- Setting the Quixtar Record Straight


September 08, 2004
Setting the Quixtar Record Straight

No matter what your upline tells you, it does not take 2-3 tapes a week in order to learn how to sell products and sponsor people.

Some folks that don't sign up for Quixtar or quit Quixtar are probably losers, but most are not and the Quixtar IBO track record of success is far worse than the real world.

Books can be purchased at Amazon.com for less than through your upline. Here is an example: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Your tape program could be put on the internet for free download. The "people don't appreciate something that is free" or "not everyone is on the internet" excuses don't cut it. Welcome to 2004.

Double X is too freakin' expensive.

You can't make any money selling XS Energy Drink, although it doesn't taste too bad.

Diamonds make money on training, yet 90%+ of the people they are training lose money every month.

I am not here to argue these facts, I am just wondering WHY “

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, my experience, albeit short-lived, was not as sneaky as others, but there were some things that struck me as odd. I do not consider myself ignorant regarding getting schemed, but at the same time, I am polite and open to new things. As polite as I may be though, I do not like being pushed, and told what to do or not do. When that comes into play, I can just as easily push the person back - right out my door.

A friend of mine whom I met through work, is involved in this, and he has been great. He never mentioned it until I was asking some questions about something. I ended up meeting with him and he told me how it works etc. I agree with a lot of what is said, as the model they use is similar to Robert Kiyosaki's ("Rich Dad, Poor Dad" author).

So after the talk, I was excited, but hesitant. A meeting was being held, so I went with my friend and his friends. What immediately struck me was how I was the only white person at this thing. No biggie, but it definitely struck me as a bit odd. I wasn't in "Indian Town" of my city, where I might expect this (after reading other entries here, it makes a bit more sense).

So I listen to the speaker and it is basically verbatim what my friend had told me, except some of the numbers were different. K, fine. No biggie again. But what was also a bit weird and creepy (other then the weirdo across from me trying to pick me up) was that I just HAD to sit at the front. Fine. So the dude keeps talking to me and using me as an example. Great. When time's up, I'm encouraged to sit in on the following quick meeting, so I do. WHOA. Creepy or what. These people are cheering...and shouting slogans...I felt like I was at a Wal-Mart before opening. What also struck me as weird was that the gentleman speaking knew my friend very well, and to be honest, I felt a bit had. At the closing meeting too, EVERY person that came up to speak were basically reading a script about "come join us, and we welcome you..", and I was a bit turned off by that too. I wanted to hear numbers and time invested etc.

Now the the most disturbing thing was that I was told NOT to read up on this company, except through Forbes etc. and not to talk to anyone about it because I will lose credibility. I can kind of understand that, but I like hearing both sides, both good and bad, so if the company is so great, then would I not stumble across this information as well? Wouldn't making the BEST choice for myself, as was repeated at the meeting, involve learning as much as possible?

We were told constantly "now this might not be for you..." and I know that it's not, but try telling my friend that! Just come to this meeting, just read this manual...The thing is is that I do think this works for many people, but the bottom line is that I just do not spend enough money to make the money they're talking about. Not only that, but all my income would go right back into buying more stuff! I thought the purpose was to have more money in the end, not more stuff that I do not need. Not to mention, I like trying on my clothes, smelling my perfume etc. before purchasing it.

I was also turned off by how they were mentioning how everyone wants nice stuff. Honestly, I could care less whether my glasses say Gucci, or my car has a pretty BMW sticker on it. I like good stuff, but I'm more intelligent then to get bought into something because by golly I need that beamer in my driveway!

I really hope the best for those out there working this. But it is not for me, and if you meet someone else who it is not for, please let them go. I know you're probably convinced that you're doing them a favour, but this is where you're really losing credibility and adding to this board!

Anonymous said...

Ha! So I was right in my suspicions... Thanks guys!

Well - I was in a Harris Teeter, The guy was not an Indian but had European looks & had a South African wife (Of Indian origin - There's your Indian connection) & runs an eCommerce business of his own. The compnay is supposed to be a 1.2 Bn $ company (with investments from IBM, Microsoft, etc.) & is a eCommerce venture. I am gonna meet an American who a Sr. VP in the company & he's my guy's friend and mentor. They have a lot of opportunities including in Advertising, Media buying, Marketing, Logistics, etc. & he wasn't sure where I would fit in & hence, wanted me to meet with the guy personally. His card has a 1-866 no & name of his company is LASTNAME Enterprises & email id is LASTNAMEent@bww.com & website is www.LASTNAMEent.com! Creepy, what?

So here goes my email to him telling him I have got an obligation and can't make it to the meeting tomorrow evening. Unfortunately I had my card with me which I gave to him...Hope he doesn't call again. Am gonna do only shopping in grocery stores/walmarts from know on. No innocent conversations, though it might look rude.

These kinda people take fun out of everything! Last time I gave a very decently dressed & a cellphone touting hitchhiker a ride in my car & he pumps me for money!!! Am I too nice a guy or what?

Anonymous said...

I buy the exact same stuff from quixtar that I would get from walmart. On average it costs about 1-4 dollars less than walmart and I have to take the time to figure out what i will need for the upcoming month and order ahead of time...a good practice to get into...helps me keep ahead of the bill collectors by also paying utilities and other bills a few weeks ahead of time....It's nice to answer the phone without fear of bill collectors.

Anyway, I just purchase toiletries and other bare neccesities monthly and don't really do much else. Aside from the fact that stuff costs a few dllars more, at the end of the next month I get a cheque for about 13% of what I spent buying stuff for myself.

Part of the 'few hours a week' consists of learning 'the pitch' from people who have been involved longer than you and are more experienced (and yes one or two of them are millionaires and more than a few are..?..thousand-aires? if thats a word?)

So even if you just want to sit and talk with a millionaire if you get off on that kind of thing, you can usually find at least one at a local quixtar meeting.

Anonymous said...

I was approached to join Quixtar and, like a dummy, I joined last week. Now I am feeling like I made the biggest mistake in the world. I am an MBA student, which attracted them to me. They believed that I have potential to be a Diamond. True, they prey on people's dreams to become wealthy and live luxuriously. I don't know why I fell for it because I had my doubts from day one, but I felt so pressured to sign up. I am not hurting for money, amd 23 years old and just purchased a 200K condo by myself. So obviously I'm doing well. My dream is to work for myself, not work for Quixtar. What will people do if Quixtar shuts down? These people claim that you can "own" this business, but how can you own a business and you don't even know what the top organizers are doing. Also, I received my package of goodies, none of which I liked. The cleaning products smell too strong, the toothpaste does not say whether or not is part of the ADA, just a bunch of stuff. Also, I know that I am not going to become a millionaire in this company. So a few people have supposedly made it to that status, but they are not my motivation. I refuse to worship them because I motivate myself. I know that this business is not for me, which is why I am going to demand a refund and get out ASAP.
By the way, I tried to get out two days ago but the guy talked me to death for like 2 hours. I feel like I'm trapped in a financial cult.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is so weird. I was just approached Thursday 10/7/04. I was out with a friend, Wes, and we saw a friend of his, I'll call him Bob. Now the 3 of us were just talking and all outside a icecream shop, Cold Stone. Then he asked if we were interested in making money, he said he was starting a business and was looking for some workers. Of course, we asked what his business was but he said that wasnt important, what was important was whether or not we wanted to make some extra money. Immediately i sensed something illegal was going on so i asked if it was legit, he said it was. So i met with this guy tonight, Friday the 8th, and we got to talking. When he showed me what this business was all about I took one look at it and told him I wasnt interested in any Pyramid Schemes, because that's exactly what it looked like, the guys at the top got richer by the recruitment for more people at the bottom. Well, I also, like many of you, decided to look this up online and come to find out that it really is a pyramind scheme. Now, the only thing is though, I might actually do this, even in full knowledge of what this is. See, the way I see it is, it's not required that I sign people up underneath me, or so im led to believe. I plan on just getting a huge mass of clients (example: family mostly, and friends) and selling them the same things they buy everyday BUT at cheaper than retail. Now, the way they say you make money this way is that if the Retail of say a car stereo is $150 and the Whole Sale is $100, then I'd sell it to my brother who's looking for one for around $120...saving him $30 and making $20 for myself. Now, this applies to food, clothing, electronics, toiletries, anything imaginable basically. So, while I don't care if the guy above me mooches off of what i make (only getting a percentage copy of it and not taking out of my income) i dont want to be that person that enlists others under me and then feel responsible when they fail or lose money. Besides, by just clienting family and friends, there's no advertising or marketing costs to pay for, so how can i lose money? Is there a joining fee?

Anonymous said...

You make money at all stages throughout the business. All you have to do is follow the plan. I am currently in the Army and building my quixtar affiliated business. I can tell you from first hand experience that this opportunity is keeping me financially free. My Army paycheck just sits in the account as soon as it is deposited. I never touch it!
I joined the Army looking for an opportunity to succeed in life, thinking that it would give me enough skills to get a great career after my enlistment was up. Then I learned by reading the RICH DAD, POOR DAD series where I was at in life financially and where I was going. A short while after that, a commissioned officer said that I had good leadrership qualities and thought that I would be successful in the network marketing business that he was involved with. He sat me down and showed me what it was and then after I realized I wanted to be a part of it , he invited me to a meeting.
After the meeting I got so excited that I wanted to burst. I did the math and I even researched everything I could find on the internet. I remember seeing this site and thought to myself that these are very uneducated narrow-minded comments. All anyone needs to do was watch how the IBO's are living and ask how they got that way. I was a highschool dropout with nothing but a GED and a dream when I joined the Army.
Now I make more money passively than I do in the military and I can help so many people with the capital and the knowledge that I have. America is AWESOME! That is the reason why all the "Indians" are building their quixtar affiliated businesses, because they know exactly what the american dream is. You can work for someone else if you want to, it's a free country. I hope you are enjoying your freedom! But my guess is that you don't even know what true freedom is!

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder if the articles contributed by the postive thinking people are people who really benefitted from BWW and the negative feedback are from people who scared that if too many people join in, their chances of creating as many down line as possible will be slimmer since everyone will start introducing this wonderful thing to everyone else that you'll end up with nobody else to pitch on?

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are IBOs. We are not ambots, or quixbots, or what have you. The bsma was fully disclosed; and to that point it was made absolutely clear that the bsm are optional.
Like anything in life your going to get people with less then honourable intentions so take it with a grain of salt and check them out by all means. Are you going to stop buying cars because some salesmen are crooks? No you move on.
When it comes to the tools should they be free? They are tax-deductible, oh and by the way in the service, issued gear is at your expense also you need to buy your books for school etc, etc, etc, the list goes on.
Don’t be foolish and repeat garbage you heard / read with out verifying the facts - on either side of this debate.
I am glad we started our business, I am a veteran from the Gulf War - and now I , like many other vets, lost my benefits. This business is helping us keep our home.
Do I pitch the dream? You bet - but it’s about stability, not fantastic wealth or impressive cars. It’s about looking your children in the eye and knowing that they are taken care of.

Not anonymous -
William M. Corey

Anonymous said...

If you guys really stand by what you write, Why sign as anonymous. Give your name and E-mail address. Dare You:

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill Britt ... Are u loosing your control on ur downlines or is it that u r getting old now ....

It seems like your downlines are thriving on negatives and bathroom grafitti ( also known as internet ) ....

Pls. ask them to follow ur teachings .... Or is it that anythinng is correct in love , war and bww business ?

Anonymous said...

I'm an Indian from Mass. Name is Sathyan Vivek doing my MBA from a Univ in Boston. I was approached by a bunch of desis (indian americans) crapping all abt this bww and stuff... Attended a meeting and was wondering why only Indians are there in this crowd and not many natives. All that shouting, cheering looked a bit odd and crazy. The Pledge made me wonder "WHAT?" In India I I have not seen any one doing this for their country and out here... my balls... I was lol....
They are not bothered about selling products but just for signing up more 'n more nuts.
But I also hear good healthy stories abt this biz. So be it...
Who ever wanna take it 'n do it... DO IT.
Ppl who complains, just give it a skip...
He/She is not paying our bills... we have to...
So lets keep movin... in what we feel is right.
All the very best my frens.

Anonymous said...

he he Mr.DimWit,
You were at walmart and not at his doorstep because you do not
know he started his business.

Since he knows that you do not know so gets of his butt
and meets u at walmart.

The couple who contacted you at walmart knows u r broke (or why else u shop for cheap stuffs).

They assumed u r sharp (u may take that as a compliment).

They gave their card. Ofcourse that is right manner.

You gave them ur info (because u believed they are good ppl).

U check that the card has '@bww'. U logged on to the site.
OOOOPs U found it is bww. Listen Mr.Holmes, when will u evolve?
The card is supposed to tell u briefly about that person's operations.
so what did u find out????Duh

Anyway scene two

He calls u (since u gave the number). btw was he polite?? Did he call u at
wrong time?? Oh I know he would had asked u to TAKE a LOOK and not JUMP
to CONCLUSIONS(which probably is ur only excersise)

You did not agree to sit for a coffee, since ur self image is too low
and thought he might get u involved into something through some magic
without ur approval.

You said no so He filtered u out.

U did not hear from him again so u vented here at this site.

NoW Mr.DimWit,
We know ur broke.

U do not know these.

The couple would contact maybe 200 ppl and get their solid team going.
U suck ur thumb and when laid off send 10,000 resumes and look for a
pyramid to work.

THe couple would help their team and would be making $$$$,

whereas u
1)pay retail always
2)get no tax writeoffs for owning a business with right reasons.
3)Help somebody get rich (ur boss)
4)Kiss up big time
5)Still whine/COMPLAIN at this site.
6)still keep thinking of those couple whereas I assure u they would
have forgotton u after that call.

Did u ever realize how many business have u evaluated before jumping
to conclusion that this is not the right business.
Did u realize the quality of ppl involved in this successfully
or do u even know about them.
Did u realize that u had always been broke and busted
with uncertain future
Did u realize u paid retail at cheap store always
Did u realize that u do not have time for ur family since u are
in a pyramid and ur boss have u by ur balls.
Did u realize that staying average is because of the choices ur made
Did u realize that u have a 30 year mortage and u do not own that house
Did u realize that ur kids do not go to pvt school or home school
sice u r busted.
...................................and many many more.

The couple would be retired with good financial security and u
would be left with a security job

U lost that one opportunity and hopefully u would be more
open minded and check out for 90 days as recommemded.

Anyway I am leaving for walmart. Hope to see u there LOL

Anonymous said...

Looking at the long previous response from one of the bww suckers I am surprised that bww suckers are still reading internet and thriving on negatives. Guys atleast follow what u preach to ur downlines and prospects ...

Happy contacting at walmart , u parasites ...

Anonymous said...

I guess ur bww sucker is getting a kick out of these negatives.

Anonymous said...

Why? Because the brown dude across from you is casing you to see if you're gullible enough to become involved in the most popular "pyramid" scheme this side of Amway.
An illegal pyramid is when some one gets paid to sign some one up, and each person has no chance to make as much money as the others above them in the pyramid – if any at all.

Quixtar: the sponsoring IBO gets nothing for sponsoring, the benefits come with helping that person develop a customer base and finding people who are interested in the opportunity to own their own business “franchise” which come to it full potential after lots of time and a lot of effort (which means work). To be honest I almost didn’t do this because I had to go out and meet people, which is necessary to get the customer base we needed and the opportunity to find others willing to take a look at this business opportunity.

As for the Bww sucker remark its simple:
Do you ask a chef about advanced quantum physics? Do you ask a physics professor how to make the finest gourmet recipes? No.

“”” Now, if you haven't heard of Quixtar, give 'em a hit and make 'em feel good about themselves. It's basically an online merchant, but instead of selling goods themselves, they line up gullible people to sell the stuff for them.
Wrong – I sell a ton of stuff, my wife and I have a salon chain that buys all their cleaners, laundry soap, cups, plates, coffee (and associated items airpots etc) from us, and I have been able to beat almost all their “best prices” they where getting at various other places (no name I’m not plugging them). This is all via the website, which we get a commission for. How is this different then the Kirby we bought from the sales guy? I don’t go door to door, I get a better commission (do to greater sales volume), also I don’t have to deliver it, and I don’t work for a “home office”, and… I make 25 cents on the dollar to boot, which includes the goods and services I purchase for myself. If Wal-Mart paid me that I’d be there in a heartbeat, but they don’t yet people dole out the money there with little or no thought using coupons for an extra this because it’s buy 1 get 1 @ 20% off – if ya only needed one and you buy 2, did you save money? No you spent the extra 80%. Now you could wait forever for the stuff you really want to go on sale, which they just cut back a bit of their mark up but make a huge increase in their sale volume. So I ask - Who’s gullible?

Of course, as the pitch goes, there's no selling involved,

Wrong selling is mandatory, it’s the nature of the sales that is different. I personally hate the door-to-door “thing” so I don’t do it, but I do very well finding people who want to be customers – and are repeat customers.

no marketing involved, nothing involved except a few hours a week.

I refer to the business model as “referral marketing” because I refer people to a website, and what ever they buy I get paid for. Simplistic but accurate.

Why anyone would want to buy the products from Quixtar, I don't know. They seem to sell the same stuff as Amazon, Wal-mart, and "finer department stores".”””

Ok, well there are several products that are exclusive and are quality, also you really aught to mention the partner stores - which include some pretty impressive companies (again no plugs).

Question for the floor: Why the hell are so many random Indian techies involved in this shit? For every Indian that started up a dot-com, there's gotta be 20 of these fools pacing the aisles of your local convenience store.

Why? Its simple really - financial security and options that these people couldn’t have otherwise. In our society we in take a lot for granted, and when someone who is from a place where what we take for granted is a dream they are working hard to make happen we call them fools, suckers, and other stuff. Its sad and Its disturbing.
For example:
In china, they are allowed to build their business – one “leg” at a time. This means they can sponsor one person a month (in the US – no restriction imposed), and they have a limited amount of products that their government will allow them to sell (in the US – if its on the market odds are its available). Now that said – there are a large number of people that are breaking the diamond level this year (which for us in the US is rated @150k a year – not sure of the exchange rates etc) they say that it takes about 5 years of hard work to do that in the US with no restrictions – and these people are making it happen in a political environment that all but stifles this kind of free enterprise.

Personally I salute anyone work their tails off willing to make honest money, be it in a sawmill, Detroit factory, military, or what have you.

Doctors can make a great deal of money and so can lawyers, but I don’t want to be either. We saw this business opportunity, and thought about it for a couple weeks (I must say during that time we had zero pressure form our sponsor, if there was any we would have told him to stick it) and decided it was for us. If its not for you great, its no big deal, no one that reads this will make or break anyone’s business, but it’s a shame that the opinions are getting in the way of the facts.

It takes a small investment, which covers various fees for accounting duties, order tracking, business insurance, etc
It’s legal
It’s an honest way to make money; if there is any scam it’s the IBO who is the perp
It works
It’s not for every one

Not everyone that is associated with Quixtar (be it Bww or not) is going to be a good person, you have to remember the meeting is an interview. Your interviewing the IBO as much if not more so then they are interviewing you.

Happy holidays,
William M Corey

Anonymous said...

To whom it may concer:
If you think that this business didn't work for you because you prefer to buy in WALMART rather than to buy in you OWN business is up to you! You are noone to say bad things about this company. If you did not choose to do what you were "supposed" to, is your problem not the company, BWW team or quixtar. I've involved for almost a year and I am going to be retired by the end of this year(2005), i did and I'm still doing what my uplines told me to do.
And for all of you that think the same way as this DUDE though keep working till your 70's, and let someone be wealthy for you.
*have a nice day everyone*

Anonymous said...

It's very unlikely that my common sense post will be read, but I'm going to comment anyway. I've been a Quixtar IBO for 2 years now, made some great friends and made some decent money. I can tell you that being in this business has caused me to do a few things that I wouldn't have otherwise. 1) strike up a conversation and try to make a new friend with a complete stranger 2) call old friends that I would have never gotten in touch with otherwise. 3) read(that in itself is great) some great self improvement books that I definately wouldn't have other wise which have spilled over to my non-business life.
I never pressure people, I tell them what it takes to be successful and then I step away and let them decide. For the nay-sayers out there who think this business won't work, I was at a conference a few months ago and was told that to make it work you have to show the business plan 5 times a week to make it happen. The speaker said ok, everyone break out your calenders, everyone who has done that, stand up. Now out of about 5,000 people only 25 people stood up......need I say more. Thats why the great number of people that get frustrated, they aren't willing to do the work. It's like a great diet plan that gets a bad name because people won't stick to the program.

nncouple said...

Friends, Stay out of this Quixtar business. Both we and my wife are from Bombay, India and have been involved with Quixtar for the past 3 years. For the past 3 years we have been showing a loss of $12K - $15K each and every year in our IRS statements. We came to this land of opportunity in 1999 and started our Quixtar business in 2002.
The problem with Quixtar is it is very easy to get into this business (just couple of 100's of dollars to get started). However the most difficult part is to quit the business, even though the financial losses and the deceit are obvious. The reason is you become part of a bigger team, your upline (the person who bring you in this business) becomes your best friend, you become friends with other people of the team and the people you recruit (bring into the business). You recruit people by offering to help them make some extra income. All these people start relying and get dependant on you. Walking away from people who have become close to you, with whom you have spent countless late nights (post meeting sessions), with whom you have traveled across the country to attend conferences is the most difficult part. Today, though we are more or less inactive( I have stopped attending meetings, my wife still attends) and the word is spreading in the team that we are going slow, we get countless phone calls from people in the team trying to pull us back into the whole thing.

Dependency is the basic principle of this business. From the very first day you start this business, you are told to stop thinking and to stop being creative. One of the cardinal rules taught is that you should not do anything new without checking with your upline.
I know people, who check with their upline, which color suit to buy and from where to buy. I remember buying a new mobile phone without checking with my upline. I could notice the anger on my upline’s face and heard plenty of indirect comments about not being loyal to the upline and not checking with the upline. The tapes / cd’s, books, seminar’s and conferences are tools of this business. These tools are very very addictive. Once you get hooked on to them, you want to hear them again and again. These tapes are recorded from speeches by successful people in the business and are mostly rags to riches stories and the struggle people have overcome to build the business. On listening to these tapes / cd’s again and again and from different couples, you finally start believing you can become as successful as them and will start defying logic and factual data. 99% of people loose money in this business. We were loosing heavily, but continued to believe the opposite, thanks to the brainwashing tapes / cd’s. All these tools convey the same messages: ‘If you quit you are a loser.’ ‘The smartest way to build the business is to stop questioning the system and to follow the system.’ ‘Listen to your upline, they have the best intentions for your success.’ ‘Your closest friends and relatives are your biggest dream stealers. Hence do not listen to your closest friends and relatives.’ These messages are repeated again and again until you really start believing in them and start following them. A person who refuses to acknowledge these messages is considered a poor listener.

We went Platinum in May’05(a level in the business less that 2% reach). Our uplines gifted us a nice pen set. After the gift we were told that we have reached a level where we have to become very careful about making any decisions ourself. We were asked if we intended to start a family. We replied, yes we do. We were told to hold back and postpone it for couple of more years, until we had a solid Emerald level business. A solid Emerald business would give us all the bucks and the time that we will desperately need with kids. Every Indian I know of in my team (80% indians), except the few who are the team leaders are loosing money.
I know this is a very long post, but please, please stay out of this business, unless you have ample of money to loose. This request is coming from the bottom of our hearts. What is mentioned in this post is just a few of countless mind controlling activities. We went through a horrible phase in the last 3 years.
Thank God, I am out of it and helping my wife to slowly walk out of it too. She being a woman is very emotional and is taking a little longer to detach from the environment.

perceptive said...

Hey Narrator,

Send them my ;-)) way, man... One of my hobbies is baiting these robots. I have a blog of my own about my experiences, check it out.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....... They have tried and tried and tried........
It started nearly 5 years ago when I was in India when a colleague of mine tried to get me on their bandwagon with an invitation to join him at the Oberoi, a 5 star, hotel. I did join him and was totally taken aback by the enactment that followed by the whole group of people in the hall. I probably would describe them all as money crazy people preying on all the rest of the public to join their cult.
Anyway, in spite of the intense coaxing from my colleague, a few very beautiful girls and some so called millionaires, I told my friend that it was not for me.
I was sort of shocked to see the same marketing from the people here. Will MAN ever be satisfied?
Unfortunately, the whole scene tends to become a bit ugly. Especially if the person is someone you know well and you meet everyday. Some have an abstract way to try to pull you into their scheme. One they find that you are not interested, they don't stop. They keep talking about how well their business is doing and how they are expanding and blah.. blah. Every time you talk to them they seem to be hinting towards the same thing. It's really sickening.
Now, in spite of myself, I just ignore any Indian who seems to be more friendly than usual. It's also affected my attitude towards greeting or talking to other Indians. In some occasions when I start a conversation with a stranger, I do notice the kind of irritation in the other persons attitude waiting for me to make the marketing pitch.
Just complicating live, that’s what. aaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.....

Anonymous said...

You all have called this a pyramid. Let me ask you all a question who makes more you or your boss? Him or his boss? Sounds to me like you all are the ones that unfortunately got caught in a pyramid scheme. I hope that this all works out for you all. I am at the age of 28 and I will be retired at this age how about all of you.

Anonymous said...

Well, i happened to attend a quixtar meeting in bridgewater, NJ, last ssaturday. A massive gathering. Ron and robin were the speakers. I saw many indians. myself being one. felt Strange! why so many indians?? then robin started giving the speech.

Point 1: I have never heard anyone brag so much about their wealth. I was asking myself what kind of people wud brag about owning a beachhouse, making fantasy cruises and all crap in front of such a huge gathering. As far as i know, truely wealthy people do not brag about their wealth.. i am talkin bout those who really worked hard in a legal, disciplined and guilt-free way to reach the wealthy position. not about those who becaem rich thru some lucky means.They r mostly humble and believe in a peaceful and simple life. They respect their work and r not those who brag bout thier wealth. So, i again felt strange! wut the?? such a show-off of wealth.?? Then RON started talking, that guy talked some sensible stuff. I agree to him. Then he also started braggin about how he "walked out" of his job one day..!! I asked my "upline" as of why is tat these brag so much? he fumbled a bit.. then i helped him out by saying "Is it because they don't have a (legitimate) PUBLIC IMAGE? " Some way of creating an image in that new-comer's mind. trying to lure them with all WEALTHY images

Anonymous said...

Point 2: The platinums and emeralds started lining up, some said they got $15000 cheque, which is good. but after 4 yrs.?? Is tat good?
and all were talkin bout talkin bout attending the Dec. 15th 2006 function, for a cot of $100. EveryONE!! like talking parrots. It was as if someone turned the key on them and they started chattering. Or as if they wud lose something if they dont tell it or out of some fear that someone from the top wud say something bad about them if they don't "parrot" it!! felt strange 2!! WAKE UP, guys!! SHAKE OFF THAT "PARROTY IMAGE OF your's.

Anonymous said...

Point 3: I was said i was going to own a business. Great! for $325!!! hmm.. dirt cheap!! But, do i get to OWN Quixstar??? what ll happen once i walk-off from my job relying on quixtar income and one fine day quixtar closes shop?? I do not get to decide anything here, rite? they may close, the way AMWAY did!! If it is my own business, i SHOULD have a say in it. I CAN decide what to do with it. If it goes bad, I SHOULD have some choice to do something to make it work, again! DO I HAVE A CHOICE HERE?? WHOM WILL I TALK TO?? WILL DeVos sit and talk with me? How CAN i OWN something when i do not even know my so called "PARTNERS"??? strange 3!! Getting a stake in QUIXTAR makes sense. Just like other companies provide shares. hen, i can say i won a business. How do i OWN something when some part of my work's income goes to someone in the top?? They talk about McDonald's franchise model. But, why is McDee' do not have much bad vibes when the business model is same.?? Why should i join some "BILLION" $ company when i hear lots of bad, rather than good. It does not balance things, doesn't make sense. And, my upline (supposedly) told me that i should not go by what i find it internet!! Hey Bloke!! thats is where i go first if i have to know about some new thing. Then, based on my logic, i derive the result. How can you say what YOU say is true and not the internet?? another strange factor!!

Anonymous said...

Point 4: and why so much of secrecy?? Why is that you IBOs do not pitch starting with you company name, Quixtar?? This guy, as usual, started talkin to me bout startin business. .. it goes like this.. "I own a business and am looking for bright young chaps like you to join it.."
bla bla..I came to know that i was bright chap, that day, though! that too through someone whom i din even know. If it is coming from someone i work with, i wud apprectiate that comment.
Normally, if i am going to make soem pitch somewhere, i wud introduce myself starting with my name and the company i am from. That is how it starts!! right? Why don't you start like that, buddy!!?? Is it becuz u dont want people to run away when they know from which company you are? I do not know what kind of marketing tactic is that!! ...YES! I do understand now! Try to become a kinda-friend first, invlove them emotionaly, so that they will not reject your offer later?? Trying to be so nice!!??mmm.. this is "Psycho marketing"!! A Sales Pitch is usually done based on the strength of the product, not on the human psych! Though, people may become addicted wit good products at a later stage!! That's allright!

Anonymous said...

POUNT 5: STRANGEST of all!! INDIANS SINGING "god bless AMERICA".. shame on you guys!! I like this place! It's freedom and opportunites are great. But. shouldn't you be singing "god bless INDIA...".. If u had sang that all these years, may be INDIA wud have become better!! And, you could have made some good money staying in INDIA itself! who knows!??

Anonymous said...

Point 1:
They brag bc they have worked hard to achieve what they have achieved and are proud of it. Being able to say that you walked away from your job bc of this business isn't bragging it's a fact. When was the last time your boss let you know what you could have for loyalty to your company.
point 2:
The $15K is a yearly bonus on top of about $3K monthly not to mention other bonuses. Most people at the platinum and emerald levels are makeing $60K and up depending on the work that they put in. Maybe if you were actually listening instead of being negative you might have picked up on that. And as for the "talking Parrot" don't you think if so many successful people were saying the same thing then they might have a good point.
No one told you you could own Quixtar. You get to be a 1099 independent business owner that sets you up with certian tax benefits. You get to make the call as to what you would like to sell.. And as for Quixtar closing down it seems unlikely that a bilion dollar company would be shutting down any time soon. And for the record Amway didn't shut down it still exists in other countries here it just transitioned into an ecommerce based system. Quixtar. And the reason we advice against checking online about the company is bc of sites like this that have multiple posts from uninformed people that are going to work for someone else the rest of their lives. not once in any of these negative posts have a found a shred of fact that wasn't slurred to that persons oppinion.
point 4:
Secrecy comes from the swarm of negative floating out in cyberspace. If people weren't sitting in there cubicle farms saying nasty things about us all day long could have the freedom to tell prospectives who we are involved with.
Point 5:
And as far as Indians singing God Bless America, why shouldn't they it is bc of American free enterprise and the Initiative of American like Devos that they are in the oppertunity they are in today. If you are living in America and not proud of the oppertunities this country offers maybe you should just go back to where your ancestors came from.

Anonymous said...

counter post to the quixbot above:

point 1: there is a difference in being proud of what you've done and bragging about it. Besides, this is supposed to be a learning session... what can I learn from some one who keeps on bragging?

point 2: [No Comment]

point 3: I think the original poster was trying to say is that you DON'T have a business! You don't own anything?! You don't make a product, therefore if quixtar ever closes down then it's goodbye!

Frankly I don't understand the whole "I own my business" thing. You don't! And on top of it, you're forced to buy stupid crap every month that most likely you wouldn't buy if you didn't have to?! Who drinks that much energy drinks anyway?

point 4: Do you think that a few distinct people would aimlessly spend their time just writing negative things about quixtar? No!

If I found 1 bad thing on the internet about a company, I may attribute it to an isolated case. But when you have millions and millions of pages of negative reviews, then it makes you start to think doesnt it? Do you think this was all from a few distinct people? Hell no! The fact is, quixtar really is a scam and people will obviously write about it on the internet.

point 5: [no comment]