Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Recycle MuthaF...er!!!

photo found at http://www.zepfanman.com/So a follow on to my recycle at home thing...here at work we've got recylce bins everywhere you turn. I'm surprised they haven't put bins in the bathroom stalls. But I think the overabundance of these things has lead to negative returns.

When I first started here, we had different bins for paper, plastic, aluminum. Heck, we've got special bins for batteries and acheivement certificates too! I guess that was too complicated for us lame brains so they simplified it to recycle and trash. The battery bin is still in the copy room, but I don't know who uses it. And achievement certs? Bathroom stalls.

Anyways, the problem here is that the trash bins have taken mini-sizing to the extreme. It's one thing to put recycle bins right next to the trash and make the trash bin a little smaller than the recycle bin. It's another to ask 20 people in a conferance room to push their lunch boxes through a trash opening the size of a postage stamp. Suffice it to say, bins overflow, and conference rooms got stank. I feel sorry for the custodial staff since they have to deal with this stuff after everyone's gone.

Of course, since I'm a perfect citizen, I take my trash to another bin that actually has space. Unless it's on the other side of the building :P


Anonymous said...

word dogg... word... i concur.

Henry said...

That's a bit of a mess isn't it? But that recycling is a great thing.