Monday, July 10, 2006

Through to the End

We had our first weekend with the photography biz where we had two clients booked at the same time. We didn't exactly plan to booked two clients at the same time, but it also wasn't a mistake or an overbooking. Booking multiple clients is part of the progression of the business.

So the plan was for Sandhya to stay with the morning client all the way to the end of the their event and I would go to the other client's event. We would both hire extra photographers to ensure that we'd have sufficient coverage. In the end, I think we both did great jobs for both clients and they should be very pleased with the coverage.

But an interesting thing happened on my way to the second client's event. I had a feeling of emptiness. This was the first time I wasn't able to stick around to watch the unfolding of things as things progress from a wedding ceremony where the couple can be a bit tense all the way through to dancing at the reception when the couple is happy beyond reason.

Ok, so I'm not a guest I don't need to share in the joy of the couple, but we're doing this because we love it, not because we desperately need the income. As such, we not only take a lot of pride in what we do, we find a lot of enjoyment in getting to know our clients and feel just as happy for them as their guests.

At first it felt a bit odd that I would miss not seeing our morning client at their reception. Then I thought...well, it's a business. But after another day, I'm actually proud of myself for having that empty feeling in the first place. I'm in this for the love of photography. Yes, the money is worthwhile, but it's not the beginning nor the end of the involvement.

That's one of the differences between working for a living and running your own business. I'm happy to say that even after a year of double-duty with my day job, and several months of feeling like I've got too many things to keep track of, I'm still happy to be doing this and even happier to feel a connection to the people that trust us to cover the most important events in their lives.


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Anonymous said...

I agree -- that's great that you are still doing it b/c you love it. That's the best kind of job!