Thursday, July 06, 2006

Make sure you get my panties while I'm putting on this Salwaar Kameez

Imagine if you had a bride-to-be tell you that while you're photographing her getting ready for her big event. Thank god neither I nor my partner have ever gotten a wierdo request like that. And hopefully we never will.

But given the way white people seem to be headed with the wedding photographs they want, I wouldn't be surprised if we get similar oddball requests.

I had heard some random things about women wanting more revealing photos taken of them while they getting ready in the morning. However, I thought those type of shots were limited to some tasteful behind the back photos of the bride's top being buttoned, etc, but with nothing actually revealed.

Little did I know that both the Wall Street Journal & ABC News have gone to great lengths to tittilate us with how far brides will go to have intimate photos of them taken. Thanks to Seshu's Bliss blog I now have something else to leave me speechless and shaking my head:
Brides Gone Wild (PDF link so I suggest you download it rather than load it directly)
and Nightline

In the coming days I'll try to post a bit about the interesting things we've seen and been part of while photographing weddings. For the most part, it's a pretty standard thing and as photographers we don't really know much more than the average guest besides timing, but sometimes, due to the specificity of what our clients want, we get to find out about the great lengths to which the couple has gone just to have a perfect day. A perfectly produced day too.


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