Friday, November 18, 2005

Trippy Trippy Trip Hop

Well, after such a long time without any commentary on music, here's a second music related post in the past week!

A friend recently recommended some great music, which I've been loving since first playing it. The rec actually came about because we were talking about good music to work to. Jazz music tends to be great. The new Digables album is also good for working to. The problem with "work" music is that sometimes it can be a little too dull to keep the energy flowing. So utilizing his massive musical memory, my friend recommended a couple of great trip hop albums

The first is DJ Shadow's latest album called The Private Press. The only thing I have by Shadow is his original Entroducing, but his DJ skills blew me away on that album as well as the Quannum show we went to a year and a half ago. Yes, I'm still listening to the Quannm crew, more than ever no considering the new Blackalicious album I got last week. Now add to this, Shadow's new album which is just amazing! I didn't even have to get through the whole album to say it's one of the best I've heard this year. Yes, I know the album is from 2002, but since I just found out about it, it's new to me!

Not only is trip-hop good to work to, I find that my mind races when listening to it so it's a great energy thing. And since I've been working on photo-editing a lot this week, it's helped me keep my creative juices flowing. Good stuff. Anyways, give it a whirl if you're into trip-hop and masterful DJ work.

The second album I cued up was the first album by Handsome Boy Modeling School called So...How's Your Girl?. Again, this isn't a new album (it came out in 1999), but it's a great listen. I think that as I listen to this one more and more, I'll also like it more and more. As my friend was saying, the album's got an all-star line-up featuring Del the Funkee Homosapien, DJ Shadow, Mike D and of course, the long lost Father Guido Sarduicci. There's quite a few other cameos on there, but the main idea is that in 1999, these names were huge and putting together a compilation like this is no small feat. What's no small feat either is having an item in my music collection that says "Handsome Boy Modeling School". Give me a few days and I'll figure out hot to explain that one to my wife :P

Again, give this one a spin if you're into great DJ work that has a little more lyricism in it.

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