Monday, May 03, 2004

The Last Straw

So after weeks and weeks of random people begging me to start posting on my blog again, I finally had it yesterday. Someone knocked on my door and when I answered it there was a crowd of bedraggled looking children who told me they wouldn't eat until I posted to my blog! Can you believe it?! The children want me to write! So I decided, I've gotta blog for the children. Do it for the kids man! :)

But seriously, I really got lazy and busy so the blog went to the side while I took care of some things. Let me just say that buying a house is really all-consuming. Not only do you have paperwork, you've got all the HGTV to watch! In the last couple of months I've felt guilty for not writing...not for denying the handful of people who read this stuff, but for not spending time to think about my life and document my thoughts and interesting things around me.

So this past weekend we went to agreat hip-hop show at The Warfield. If you've never checked out the artists on the Quannum record label, now's the time. I got DJ Shadow's Entroducing CD a while back, but that was about it. A few months ago, a friend told me about this rapper named Lyrics Born, but I hadn't heard of his stuff. Well, after checking out this show, I'll be listening to a lot more from all of the artists. They're mainly from the Bay Area (UC Davis, in particular) and the whole label is touring together. The Warfield show was their last on this tour. As you can tell from the samples on their website, it's a wide range of hip-hop, but underground beats to more funky stuff. After just 10 minutes at the venue, I was sold on these guys. Overall, I'd say this was almost as good as the Mos Def/Talib Kweli show we went to last year. Of course DJ Shadow ripped ish up. He not only spun beats the whole show, he had this trippy DVD turntable which let him scratch video in sync with the rest of the beats. We were stunned.

Anyways, check 'em out if you get a chance. If you've been looking for something different, anything from this label should please you.

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